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August 9, 2021

I believe everything was done on the instructions of Home Minister Amit Shah: Mamata Banerjee

I believe everything was done on the instructions of Home Minister Amit Shah: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the SSKM Hospital on Monday morning to meet the Trinamool leaders who got injured in Tripura. After about 15 minutes, she came out of the Woodburn Ward and addressed the media


Highlights of her comments:

Sudip Raha is a student of Presidency University and Jaya Dutta of Calcutta University. They, along with Debangshu had gone to Tripura where they were beaten up, stones thrown at them and bullets fired. Their car was smashed and they were beaten on their heads.

The most surprising thing was that they were beaten up in front of the police, and for 36 hours after that, they were not given treatment or even allowed to have water. They beat these people up and then they themselves arrested them.

When our top leaders went to the police station, they too were not given even a glass of water, and not even the reporters.

The BJP is a demonic party and is showing its character everywhere. They are creating trouble everywhere. In Assam, our MPs were stopped at the airport, in Uttar Pradesh, they were stopped from visiting Hathras.

In Tripura, Abhishek’s car was also stoned. He was given a bullet-proof car by their administration. The way stones were thrown at him, had it not been for the bullet-proof car, he too would have been hit on the head.

All the incidents took place in front of the police. I believe everything was done on the instructions of Home Minister Amt Shah as otherwise, the chief minister of Tripura would not have had such guts.

Instructions have been given at many places to not let planes and helicopters be provided on rent. Various plans have been hatched against us. Even when Abhishek is travelling on a plane, the five adjacent seats are being booked for goons to occupy.

The way the student leaders were attacked, I think it is the duty of students to protest strongly.

I am strongly condemning these incidents. Cases were filed against them even after the court gave them bail.

No actions were taken against those who tortured our people; and these are the leaders who are coming to Bengal to spread hatred and fake videos.

Not just from other states, they brought people even from other countries during the elections.

Bengal also helps Tripura a lot. Bengal, Assam, Tripura are all near each other; we also love Tripura.

The BJP can’t govern even the states where it is in power, and yet its leaders go to other states to make speeches.

The people of Tripura, even the journalists there, do not have the courage to speak up.

I am asking the people of Tripura to roar against this persecution. In the near future, I would win Tripura too.