Rajya Sabha

February 3, 2020

Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray briefs media on developments in the House

Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray briefs media on developments in the House

Our leader in the Rajya Sabha, Mr Derek O’Brien, served a notice today under Rule 267 for a discussion on the emerging situation arising from the nationwide agitation over the Citizenship Amendment Act. Similar notices were served by the other Opposition parties, including the Congress. Unfortunately, the discussion was not allowed, the notice was not admitted. 

Everybody knows what is happening in the country. Even Central ministers are asking people at public meetings to take up arms and shoot people who are opposing the CAA. This is for the first time in India that Central ministers are openly issuing threats. Incidents of firing have taken place both at Jamia Milia and Shaheen Bagh. Some persons have been injured, several others have been implicated in false cases, arrested and tortured in the jails.

Therefore, members cutting across party lines sought a discussion. If Members of Parliament cannot discuss such burning issues on the floor of the House, then where can they discuss? This is not only unfortunate, it is unprecedented as well. When there is a provision in the rules, why should not that provision be adhered to? This is being asked by all Opposition parties. Today, we asked twice for a discussion. And twice it was disallowed. Thereafter, the House was adjourned for the day. 

But our party leader Mamata Banerjee has urged that opposition to the politics of muscle power, to the politics of violence should be done in a peaceful and democratic way. She has also walked miles after miles to peacefully raise her voice and urge the people to protest against this tyrannical rule. And we are also raising the voice of the people inside the House. That will continue.