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February 4, 2020

Let me see how powerful the BJP can be: Mamata Banerjee in Ranaghat

Let me see how powerful the BJP can be: Mamata Banerjee in Ranaghat

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a huge rally in Ranaghat organised to protest against the triple evil of CAA, NRC and NPR.

 She said that more than 30 people have died in Bangla just out of fear of the implementation of NRC. The people are being scared in various ways. However, she reiterated that the citizens of the State in general are brave. She also said that she is ready to give her life if Bengalis are kicked out in the name of NRC.

“It is incredible that people would have to show citizenship proof for their three generations. I again appeal to you to show no documents. If anyone asks anything, don’t give the full information. Don’t submit any documents. Never believe the riotous BJP”, said Mamata Banerjee.

 She challenged the BJP to show how much strength it really has. Many people lie to get votes, to create trouble; I am not in that group. I will welcome with open arms the Matuas and followers of Anukul Thakur.

 She went on to say that she and her party are always beside the common people in times of need. They are one with the common people, and not chowkidars, like some leaders call themselves.

 I will never let NRC happen in Bangla, she said, and neither NPR since NPR is the first gateway to implementing NRC. She said that she has given land deeds to all refugees living in the State.

 Whoever speaks against the BJP is branded a traitor. Those who never did any good for our country have suddenly turned into patriots. We will listen to Gandhi ji, Netaji, Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore. Why should we listen to a few hooligan leaders of the BJP?

 If the CAA was so good, why is it not being implemented in Assam, Tripura and other States of north-eastern India? Bangla knows how to put up a fight. Once revolutionaries had come from every house of Bangla. The culture of the State has shown the way to the rest of the country.

 Now they are saying that NRC would be online. They are saying whatever they feel. On International Women’s Day, women will march in procession carrying containers of rice, because the people want food and not NRC.

 The CPI(M) is the biggest agent of the BJP. I have proof of that. People have ganged up against me. I say, if you have the guts, fight in Delhi; why cause destruction here?

 What was the use of voting for the BJP? They took your votes and gave you NRC in return. They took away your rights. They caused so much distress for banks. They sold the Railways. They sold BSNL. They sold Air India. They sold Burn Standard.

 Today, they are saying that the murderer of Gandhi ji is a big leader. The party’s leaders are instigating people to kill, to burn. Is this how a political party should behave? They are actually the descendants of Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Spreading rumours, creating trouble. All the people should stand up together against them. never give even an inch of land without a fight.

 If my party’s leaders have done something wrong, they should ask for pardon. The Centre has not given any compensation for the destruction caused by Cyclone Bulbul. In this Union Budget, the Centre has reduced tax relief.

 Since they know they cannot win in Delhi, they have come out with guns. We are saying that in Hindustan there should be shouts of protest and not bullets.