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February 21, 2020

Remain united for progress, urges Didi on Bhasha Dibas

Remain united for progress, urges Didi on Bhasha Dibas

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated the International Mother Language Day celebrations organised by the State Government at the Bhasha Smritistambha at Deshapriya Park in Kolkata. She laid the foundation stone by remote control for a training unit for professions of the underprivileged at the common facility centre at the Beleghata Industrial Park. This unit will facilitate the availability of jobs for the underprivileged in the future.

Excerpts of what she said:

A residential facility “will be coming up at Bantala for my cobbler brothers and sisters. The complex here will open up tannery-associated jobs for 5 lakh people.” Also, 15 models of art colleges who have been going through strife all these years will be getting a pension of Rs 1,500 a month.

Reminding all about the importance of Bhasha Dibas, she said even though the language agitation took place in what is now Bangladesh, the significance of February 21 is always in our memories. Unesco had in 1999 given recognition to Bangla language. We pay respect to all people through this language. Bangla is a very nice language, which combines merit and brains while progressing ahead. Those of us who speak in Bangla also respect other languages. No matter what language we speak in, Bhasha Dibas will be meaningful only if we remain together in a united India.

She further said we should take a pledge today to maintain unity in diversity. The rights of all religions and creeds and cultures must be established. “We must pledge today to see a united Bharat. We all want a united Bangla. No matter how tough the fight is, we must fight it unitedly. This I firmly believe in.” 

The Chief Minister asked can a mother be defined as black or white, or big or small? Our land of birth is our motherland. It is only after birth that we learn to call our mother. It is good to see a united country. If that does not happen, and if we are divided, then we can never love our mother.

She also read out a poem she had written on the occasion of Bhasha Dibas.


২১শে মানেই অঙ্গীকার

২১শে মানেই ভাষা,

২১শে মানেই পথ চলা

নব প্রজন্মের দিশা।

২১শে মানেই মাটির আশীর্বাদ

আজানে প্রাণের সুর,

২১শে মানেই গণতন্ত্রের

অধিকার সুমধুর।

২১শে মানেই ভালোবাসা

বেঁচে থাকা ভরসা,

২১শে মানেই সংগ্রামী জীবন

আগামীর নব আশা।

২১শে মানেই তোমার আমার

বেঁচে থাকার অধিকার,

২১শে মানেই নূতন উদয়

এগিয়ে বাংলা সবার।

২১শে মানেই যুগে যুগে

ফিরে ফিরে দেখা,

২১শে মানেই শ্রাবণ বর্ষা

হৃদয়ে রক্ত লেখা।