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February 10, 2020

12 Things Manas Bhunia said during the Budget Debate

12 Things Manas Bhunia said during the Budget Debate

Manas Ranjan Bhunia today spoke on behalf of Trinamool in the Rajya Sabha during a discussion on the Union Budget 2020-21. In his speech he took the government to the cleaners and slammed the shoddy performance of the Union Government on the economic front.

Here are 12 things Manas Bhunia said during the Budget Debate:

  1. Instead of offering to revive the Indian economy which is in deep crisis, the Finance Minister placed it in the ICU. 
  2. For the last few years due to the debt burden in the different states, more than 65,000 farmers committed suicide. The highest in Maharashtra during the BJP regime. There is no budgetary provision for the debt-ridden farmers.
  3. Industrial health is in a serious situation. Many of the traders and industrialists, numbering 28%, looted India and banks and flew away from the country, and the Government could not do anything, could not touch any person. The contribution of banks to industry is slowing down. As a result, the industrial contribution to the GDP has come down to 4.1%. 
  4. Unemployment is rising to the peak. It is the highest – 6.1% – in 45 years. unemployment. This government in its first term assured 2 crore jobs per year. At the 6th year ending period, this government should come out with the figure of 12 crore jobs offered to the Indian unemployed youths. But what is the situation? According to the Center of Monitoring Indian Economy Report, 1 crore people have been jobless and there was no job offered to the unemployed youths. 
  5. GDP has come down from their expectation of 6.1% to 4.5%. Consumer price inflation stood at 5.5% in November 2019 as compared to 4.6% in October 2019. The index of industrial production growth contracted by 3.8% during October 2019 as compared to 8.4% during October 2018. 
  6. What is the aspiration of India? The youth will get jobs. They are not getting. Farmers will get advantageous loans, they did not get. Unemployed youths are proceeding towards the communicating business and trade forum, they are deprived. The labourers are laid off, they are not getting jobs in the future planning of the economy of Indian Budgetary provision.
  7. The 15th Finance Commission had advised that the 42% of the Central share to the States has been slashed down to 41%. How can that be?  How will the state governments survive? It’s not a question of this Government or that Government, it is a question of the right of the Government constitutionally, constitutional right of the state Government. 
  8. The main engine of employment generation in rural India and urban India is MGNREGA. What is the situation? Rs 71,000 crore was spent this economic year. What has been suggested? Only Rs 61,500 crore. Rs 9,500 crore had been cut down from this firing engine. This government has tremendously neglected MGNREGA projects, which is ultimately depriving the people of India. 
  9. Since Independence, so many public sector undertakings (PSUs) were built, to grow the economy, to provide employment and to stabilise the Indian economic situation, to be independent, to be more sovereign in our attitude for industrialisation. What is going on? Every profit making PSUs is going to be disinvested
  10. LIC provides life insurance after the death to the family. But such a situation has been created by the government for LIC, that LIC has no life insurance. It will be finished by this government. And it is the most valuable company in our country. Madam, they are going to sell Air India. They are going to sell BSNL. They are going to sell MTNL. 
  11. We are watching our economy collapse in front of us day by day but the government is not in the mood to admit it. Country’s future prospects and economic development is not their agenda.
  12. The Novel Coronavirus has caused a pandemic situation in China and engulfed the population of 29 countries. In our country I suspect another virus, that is financial Coronavirus, has originated from North Block and is destroying the entire economy of our country. Who will save our country? It is the people who will save our country and Indian economy in its resilient form in future.