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June 18, 2016

Five things Mamata Banerjee said at Trinamool workshop

Five things Mamata Banerjee said at Trinamool workshop

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee today addressed the party workers and leaders at a workshop at Netaji Indoor Stadium.

Elected representatives and party workers from across the State attended this workshop where the Chairperson gave the guidelines for the future course of action.

This is the first meeting of the party of this scale after the massive victory in the 2016 Assembly polls.

Here are five things that Mamata Banerjee said at the workshop:

About victory

We extend our gratitude and salutes to Ma Mati Manush for the victory in Assembly polls. Without their support and blessings this was not possible. People have defeated all the slander and the smear campaign. People will never forgive the Opposition. In a democracy, we must accept the verdict of the people with humility.

About Opposition

The manner in which the Opposition parties in Bengal operate, the slander that they engage in, is shameful. For 34 years they destroyed Bengal. They darkened the future of the State. We are working hard for the people. But the Opposition is shaming democracy. We have to fight them politically. Sometimes I wonder if some Opp leaders are fit to be in politics. The CPI(M), the Congress and the BJP have a understanding. They must set their own houses in order before attacking us.

About Centre

BJP has been in power at Centre. Before elections they made a lot of promises. What have they done for Bengal? They made tall promises about tea gardens but they have not fulfilled any. The Centre uses agencies like CBI and ED to target their political Opposition. The BJP only gives speeches but fails to deliver in action. They talk of ‘Make in India’ but are selling the nation. State Govts are doing all the hard work and the Centre is taking away all the credit. We will expose the lies propagated by BJP in Parliament.

About sting operation

A lot of blackmailing is going on in the name of sting operations now. We want the truth about sting operation to come out. We want the conspiracies to be exposed. That is why we have ordered a probe. We want a probe into the income of the Congress, the BJP and the CPI(M) from unknown sources. Trinamool wants state-funded elections. We want electoral reforms.

About party organisation

Trinamool is the party of the people. We have to play a responsible role in public life. We have to assess the Assembly poll results. We must take correctional measures wherever we have not done well. MLAs must conduct a meeting in their constituencies at least once a month. Elected representatives cannot be dissociated from the people. We have to mobilise the students and youth. We need to involve more women in party work.