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January 9, 2016

Bengal is the gateway to the east for industrial ventures: WB CM  

Bengal is the gateway to the east for industrial ventures: WB CM   

The Bengal Global Business Summit 2016 concluded today with a speech by the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee. In her concluding address, the Chief Minister touched on the many investment decisions which have been made over the two days of the summit.

She began by congratulating all the participants for a highly successful business summit. The Chief Minister said that there was potential to do much more work at such summits, so much so that she said, “the energy is so much, mind-blowing energy.”

She assured all help to industrialists, be they big or small, to enable them to do their businesses in peace. As she said, “Let us work together. I would be very happy if you give service with a smile – to the people, to the country.”

The salient points of her concluding speech are as follows:

  •  The Bengal Global Business Summit was excellent.
  • Many MOUs have been signed and many more are in the process of being signed.
  • West Bengal is the gateway to the east for industrial ventures.
  • All types of industries are needed in Bengal – small, medium and big.
  • Till now, investment proposals worth Rs 2,50,104 crore have been assured; more are in the offing.
  • Investments in the manufacturing sector has been worth Rs 1,15,958 crore till now.
  • Druk Air is starting operations from the Andal greenfield airport.
  • Fuel has been made tax-free for airlines.
  • In Nayachar, 12,000 acre land is available; there is a big scope in eco-tourism.
  • Six theme-based smart cities are coming up.
  • The Government of West Bengal has set up a land bank; 1 lakh crore acre land available.
  • A gig sea port, Bhor Sagar is coming up.
  • West Bengal is blessed with sea, river, forests as well as hills.
  • The Sabar Ghore Alo project has ensured 95% electrification of the State.
  • NTPC, WBPDCL and CESC are contributing to the electrification of the whole State.
  • Land for expansion of Bagdogra airport has been granted; we are trying to build more airports, among them, in Malda and in Balurghat.
  • Manufacturing, jute, tea and engineering industries are coming up.
  • There has been 600% growth in infrastructure.
  • Superspeciality hospitals: 20 are coming up by the end of January; within 3 more months, all 41 would become operational.
  • E-tendering and e-servicing have been started for all sectors to create credibility.
  • In skill development, Bengal is number one.
  • In small-scale industries, Bengal is number one.
  • We have a policy of health for all; this includes, among other things, free beds in Government hospitals, fair price medicine shops and free diagnostic centres, for all of which West Bengal has become the model for India.
  • It is not good for people to harass industrialists. We have to be flexible for business people, we have to give them space for to work freely. I can assure you, my Government will not harass a single industrialist.
  • I appeal to all governments in the country to let industry run without any hindrances.
  • I appeal to industrialists to increase CSR by 5% in order to do more for the good of all.
  • We are for all – for industry, for farmers, for commoners.
  • We will not allow any communal tension, any anti-social activities.
  • The next year’s Bengal Global Business Summit would be held on January 20 and 21, with dinner on the 19th.
  • I request everyone to come back next year with the same smiling faces, with new achievements, with new visions.
  • It is not just today, but representatives of the Government and industry can meet whenever there is a necessity.

The Chief Minister’s speech concluded with everyone singing the nation