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January 9, 2016

BGBS 2016 has been the best business conclave in India: WB CM

BGBS 2016 has been the best business conclave in India: WB CM

The West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference after the concluding ceremony of the Bengal Global Business Summit 2016. She said, “I am grateful to all industrialists, chambers of commerce and to the Central ministers for participating in the Bengal Global Business Summit.”

“The Chief Minister of Delhi, Prime Minister of Bhutan, ministers from Bangladesh and Britain and a minister from Bihar also participated. I am happy with everything that happened – from the participation of top industrialists to the big investments to the several MoUs signed,” she added.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Everyone were pleasantly surprised at the growth of Bengal, particularly the infrastructural growth.
  • This despite so much debt the Central govt is deducting, which is over Rs 1 lakh crore.
  • I had requested the UPA government, and now the NDA government regarding this. A solution is needed in the interest of West Bengal.
  • Despite paying the debts, we have doubled revenue collection during the last 4-1/2 years.
  • We have published a book regarding the achievements of Bengal; because  data always speaks the truth, irrespective of what one thinks or feels.
  • We have projects worth Rs 2,50,104 crore in hand; more investments are on the way.
  • With so many delegates from Asian and European countries, and from India, Bengal Global Business Summit was a huge success.
  • I am always in favor of a federal structure.
  • A federal structure is like the relation between parents (Centre) & children (States). If their relationship is good, everything is good.
  • I think politics and development are independent of each other. We must separate the two.
  • We have to help each other. If the Centre asks for positive and constructive help, we will provide it.
  • We’ll support GST because of our commitment. We’ll support Land Bill if our reservations & observations are taken into account; I will support federalism.
  • There have been no assurances from the Centre yet regarding the restructuring of the State’s debt payments.
  • Regarding coming back to power in 2016, we believe that people would support the continuity of the good work that has been done.
  • This year’s summit was better than last year’s, and next year’s would be better still.
  • Bengal Global Business Summit 2016 has been the best business conclave in India.
  • Last year, investment proposals worth RS 2,43,000 crore came, of which Rs 95,000 crore worth work is going on; the rest of the proposals are being processed.
  • I want the good of my State as well as of my neighbours. West Bengal is the gateway.