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October 1, 2011

Idolmakers of Potopara remember Didi

Idolmakers of Potopara remember Didi

`She is the daughter of the area. That is the first thing to us. Obviously, we do have great for respect for her and as Chief Minister she has made us proud`- these were the initial words of Alok Pal, the sculptor, who was busy giving finishing touches to the Durga idols in his small studio cum residence situated in Potopara in Kalighaat. Situated next to Harish Chatterjee Street, the famous address where Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee resides, the Potoppara area houses hundreds sculptors, small and big.

Alok Pal is making idols ever since he was a child, when his father, a sculptor and recipient of President’s Award for excellence in the art, taught him the traits of idol making.

The sculptors who had been passing thorough a slump gives the credit to Trinamool Congress government. `Parivartan has come and it’s visible. In our profession too, I find there is an increase in orders. I was compelled to refuse to many of them since I have a limited space and resources`, says Pal.

He expressed his gratitude towards Didi who has requested the local administration not to harass the sculptors for stacking the idols and raw material outside on the road. She has told them that by doing so they are in no means obstructing her security. `In spite of the protocol, Didi walks down this area and on her way she drops in and inquire about the status of idol making, exchange pleasantries as she had been doing in the past`, added Pal.