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October 11, 2011

Chief Minister unveils series of projects for Darjeeling

Chief Minister unveils series of projects for Darjeeling

On the second day of her visit to Darjeeling, Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee, since morning spent her time interacting with people and trying to understand the problems faced by the people in Hills. In the afternoon she reached the Chowrashta Mal to take part in a special programme. The locals dressed up in their traditional costumes greeted her by performing cultural programme. Ms. Banerjee took great interest and cheered them by waving her hand.

Chief Minister attended a special programme at the Chowrashta Mal in Darjeeling on the occasion of tourism fair. She unveiled a series of projects – a modernized printing press at Kurseong, basic training centre at Kurseong, filter manufacturing plant for Diseal Locos at Tridhara workshop and a multi-functional complex building at Silliguri. Speaking on this occasion Ms. Banerjee said she will see that development come to the Hills as they too belong to Paschimbanga and she will be happy to know their problems. “We would like to organize Orange festival in Darjeeling as the area has best of Oranges, this will enable the people to have a even better business”, she added.  She said that the government will organize a project called `Destination Darjeeling` as it will boost tourism in the area.

The Chief Minister reiterated her commitment towards the people in the Darjeeling and assured that she and her government will take and implement all possible initiatives towards the development of the Hills. “I have come here to know your problems and I can assure you that I will see the development reach the Hills”, said Ms. Banerjee. She announced several forthcoming projects like all the school to have drinking water facilitates within two years. Apart from that she assured that all the schools in the area will have computers as it was important to walk ahead of times and it is only possible to be equipped with the latest technology. Ms. Banerjee also announced that there will be a Tourism Information Centre and Internet Café will be built across the Mal. Apart from these she announced a series of projects.

“Hum honge kamyab, hum honge kamyab, Darjeeling ko Switzerland banayenge” (We will become successful, certainly we shall be and also build Switzerland amidst the hills of Darjeeling) said Ms. Banerjee in her unique style and asked the locals to be a part of her endeavor as she will need a lot of people to make her dreams turn into reality.