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October 12, 2011

CM assures development in Tarai and Dooars; request people to maintain calm

CM assures development in Tarai and Dooars; request people to maintain calm

`Unoyon r sharthey shanti rakhun. Aagun jalate ele aagun nibheye dobo` (Please maintain calm in the interest of development. We shall extinguish the fire if somebody ignites to destroy development) This was the opening lines of Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who reached Malbazar in Jalpaiguri on the third and final day of her Darjeeling visit. The statement in itself is quite positive as she did not use any provocative lines rather she maintained the Trinamool motto of `bodla noi bodol chai`. The Chief Ms. Banerjee said that if the previous regime chose to close their eyes and turn a blind eye towards the problems of the Hills, then it is their problem but her government will not neglect the interest of the people in the Hills.


Ms. Banerjee reached Jalpaiguri was addressing a huge gathering at the Malbazar and assured them that her visit will certainly prove helpful and bridge the gap between the people and Paschimbanga Government over the past years. `The Hills will remain in the Hills, Tarai and Dooars will enjoy their respective status. I will not allow anybody to tamper with the sentiments of anybody`, said Ms. Banerjee who maintained that all should be given equal opportunity to express and respect their respective culture and traditions.

Ms. Banerjee, said that she has been to the close tea estates since the day before and have taken note of the situation especially in those which have closed down. `I will talk to concerned people regarding the closure of tea estates and will see that the tea estates open soon`. She said that her government will provide rice either free of cost or at a subsidized rate of rupees three a kilogram depending on the situation. `I will see that people do get employment as I am aware that my brothers and sisters are without job but to do that we will have to explore more and more job opportunities and we are already working towards achieving the goal`, said Ms. Banerjee.

`Please don’t rush things and pay heed to the wrong people and create a mess. During the days when I was the Railways Minister it was my top most priority to work towards the development of Paschimbanga and I have done so, I assure you that as the Chief Minister of state I will continue to work for the development of the state` she added.

She announced that her government was working towards the projects to make North Bengal the Switzerland of Paschimbanga. Drawing the attention of the people she said that already her government is working towards drafting a Mega Tourism Project, and assured that this will not only boost tourism industry but at the same time generate employment opportunities. She assured the people that her government will not tolerate ant negligence or exploitation of the poor unlike her predecessors and will take adequate measures. `I am happy to see that the local people here have arranged cultural programme which I will watch and then return`, smiled Ms. Banerjee.