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October 16, 2011

CM gives seven-day ultimatum to separatists; development process will not stop in Jangalmahal

CM gives seven-day ultimatum to separatists; development process will not stop in Jangalmahal

`I want to know if you are willing to take part in the peace process and sit foe a dialogue or would like to continue with the violence, I give a week’s time to think as then I will have to think, no dialogue is possible with terror taking place simultaneously`, said Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who was addressing a public gathering at Jhargram Stadium on the second leg of her Jangalmahal trip.

Ms. Banerjee who had a hectic day since morning as she had a meeting with the administrative heads of the four districts at the Circuit House rushed to Jhargram after the meeting. She started on a sentimental note by standing alongside of the widows of slain Trinamool Congress workers, Lal Mohan Mahato and Babu Bose. She held the tiny hands of the baby girl of Lal Mohan Mahato and asked the public if they want the politics of violence as the sound of gun leads to nowhere. Throwing an open challenge to the terror outfits operating in Jangalmahal to come forward and kill her and her men if they feel that the voice of gun was mightier than that of peace. Ms. Banerjee said that she is not scared of death as she knew that after her death, the masses will unite and take her work ahead. `If you feel that you can kill me and that will serve your purpose then I request you to kill me, remember you are a coward and acting like `Supari Killer` but I will prefer to stand in the open to face your gun, I will take masses with me and I challenge you of the consequences`, said the Chief Minister who made her stand clear to the masses that nothing will be able to deter her from walking on the path of peace process.

She requested the masses to stop listening to terror outfits as they will subside if people come out and protest. `I request you to stop giving in to the terror threats as only then this can stop. I assure you schools and collages even I will see that job opportunities boost up in the area but it will take some time as everything is not possible in a short time, I assure you that I will personally look after the development process in Jangalmahal” she said. Ms. Banerjee expressed her concern the students who are compelled to travel across huge distance to attained schools and colleges. `I have already announced so many schools and colleges are in the pipeline and assure you that I will see that many more are constructed in the area. I will see that the young girls don’t have to give up studies due to the distance”, said the Chief Minister.

Ms. Banerjee said that she will see that the young girls in the area are given training to be nurses as she wants them to become self independent. `I want my young girls residing in Jangalmahal to become self independent”, she added. Ms. Banerjee informed the masses that if they are exploited then they can now move to Human Rights Court.

Ms. Banerjee in her unique style said `We will sing National Anthem together as this is the beginning and I assure you that I will come again after three months and take stock of the situation. Apart from that we are constantly monitoring the situation and I will see that development never stops in Jangalmahal.


Schemes for Jangalmahal

  • Employment Bank, which will provide jobs under various government schemes, process on since September 9 for recruiting 5,000 junior constables and as many National Volunteer Force volunteers in Jungalmahal, and applications would be accepted up to November 18.
  • Eligible candidates left over from the recruitment drive will be considered by the employment bank.
  • Foundation stone for a Rs 170 crore bridge over Subarnarekha river connecting Nayagram and Gopiballavpur laid.
  • Projects covering infrastructure development, health, education and agriculture.
  • Road connectivity in all 84 mouzas in West Midnapore district.
  • Jhargram stadium will be renovated at a cost of Rs 2.3 crore.
  • Two stadiums at Salboni and Nayagram will be built at a cost of Rs 8 crore.
  • Gymnasiums at Belpahari and Gopiballavpur.
  • Rs 14 crore to build a polytechnic college at Ramgarh.
  • Block Development Officers to oversee the affairs of panchayats that have not been functioning properly.
  • 120 more seats at Jhargram Raj College
  • Model schools at Nayagram and Gopiballavpur.
  • 5 Crore to WBTDC to purchase Kendu leaves fro farmers.
  • Kisan Mandis in each block
  • 15 crore for minor irrigation projects.
  • 5649 houses for poor
  • Portable water in Pirkata, Salboni and Khasjungal.