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March 4, 2020

I will not let riots take place here till my last breath: Mamata Banerjee

I will not let riots take place here till my last breath: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting in Sujapur, Malda today. She gave a strong message against the torture the BJP is inflicting on the people.

Highlights of her speech:

I have been coming here even before I formed Trinamool Congress. The people of Bangla are my leaders. And their leader is ‘joraphool’.

The Congress and the BJP won votes here during the Lok Sabha election by creating rift between Hindus and Muslims.

We never let riots happen. Be very careful of those people who try to.

We won’t let NRC, NPR and CAA happen. We won’t let citizenship be snatched away from a single person. Why should everyone be inconvenienced in order to give citizenship to a few people?

An RTI application was made once to ask a BJP leader to prove his citizenship. He said he is a citizen by birth. So why should there be a different rule for others?

A genocide happened in Delhi. The BJP leaders never apologised. On top of that, they took out a march, shouting ‘Goli maro’.

None of you take the law into your own hands. The BJP wants a CBI investigation for the smallest of incidents here but for Delhi, no judicial enquiry was ordered .

The BJP won and look what it’s doing – selling off Air India, Railways, BSNL, LIC and others.

On the one hand, their leaders are getting involved in murder and on the other, they are distributing money to some of the victims through NGOs.

Bangla has never bowed its head to injustice and will never do. I will never be afraid to speak up. I will never let riots happen.

If anyone tries to snatch away our rights, we will fight back.

If the BSF goes to your villages to scare you, tell them bluntly that law and order is not their business, it’s for the State Government to look into.