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March 19, 2020

Government and private health services have to fight together: Mamata Banerjee

Government and private health services have to fight together: Mamata Banerjee

Today, Mamata Banerjee addressed a meeting with representatives of government and private healthcare executives in the state. She discussed with everyone and suggested it is the best to prevent the spread of the virus, further.

Here are some points from her speech:

Sorry for calling you all at such a short notice, but the situation is such

Public and private sector must work together

ICMR guidelines on medical intervention still awaited, but we must act as soon as it comes

Create a WApp group so that coordination is possible between all hospitals and health dept officials

New cancer hospital at Rajarhat should also treat positive cases as ID hospital has too much load with suspected cases as well

Sanitised ambulances will be kept standby at ID hospital and other hospitals so that patients can be taken to relevant hospitals quickly

This is not the time to fight with each other (referring to squabbles in line this morning at ID)

No. of isolation beds at ID and other hospitals to be increased

ID 100 beds, Bangur 150 beds and RG Kar hospitals to be reinforced. Night shelter at RG Kar to be converted to 50-bed ward temporarily

We need private hospitals situated near Beleghata ID to set up isolation wards along with ventilator machines. So far 300 ventilation machines have been requisitioned

There is no need at all for panic, but people are naturally getting worried; we must convey that we are prepared

This is not the time to profit from the situation; hoarding and black marketing will not be tolerated
2 lakh masks and 30,000 gloves have already been ordered; other equipment like special gowns as well

Such infrastructure should be in place in private hospitals as well

Patients will have to be treated; they should not be refused

Request to police to act against rumour-mongers and hoarders

We must work 24×7 now to contain the situation

Central govt kits yet to arrive; will request Centre for this as well as setting up of labs in North Bengal districts

Pvt sector can also contribute to the Covid-19 fund set up by state govt

Shops and markets will remain open

Interstate and international entry points will continue to be cross-checked to track possible transit of infected persons

Confusion over who has to wear masks – all who ask for masks will have to be given. So give order for 2 lakh more masks; we will not limit ourselves on this account

Request doctors and technicians to work on weekends as well

Medica, RN Tagore to set up 5-bed isolation wards; Bel Vue has 8 isolation beds, another 12 can be developed if needs be;

All hospitals requiring equipment to please place their requisitions with health dept

All hospitals to have updated information on daily basis, from beds available to no. of patients admitted

Region-wise assignment of senior officers has been done today to coordinate all activities for the containment of Coronavirus throughout the state: CM