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March 4, 2020

Who gave the BJP the right to conduct a genocide?: Mamata Banerjee

Who gave the BJP the right to conduct a genocide?: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting in Buniadpur, Dakshin Dinajpur.

Highlights her speech:

Trinamool Congress always stands beside the people in their times of need

The BJP must answer for what happened in Delhi – over 50 bodies recovered, 700 still missing. They are all citizens of the country, be they Hindu or Muslim. This is the result of their garbage of hate policy.

And after doing all this, how can they come to Bangla and shout for nothing? We help all our citizens. We brought back 130 people who had gone to work in Kashmir and gave them work.

The whole world is concerned about coronavirus. By all means, be careful. But I see some TV channels are playing news reports on coronavirus in disproportionate importance to reports on the Delhi riots.

Those who died recently in Delhi were not due to any virus but were burnt alive. They have taken out processions, chanting ‘goli maro’.

The BJP has harassed Adivasis in Tripura, Assam and Jharkhand. On the other hand, in Bangla, we have brought laws to ensure no one can snatch away their ancestral lands. This is one big difference between us.

Despite being in power, we are having to continue our protests. And Bangla will never bow its head to injustice.

Those who don’t have a pure heart, they are the scourge of the country. People will never love them.

We need to strengthen and enrich our democracy

The BJP, CPI(M) and Congress had ganged up against us for the last Lok Sabha and panchayat elections, and will do so for the upcoming Assembly polls too. Else, why would the BJP fight only in 200 seats? Simple. It is leaving the other 94 seats for its other two partners.

We have arrested those people who gave the ‘goli maro’ slogan here. They have said, ‘Gaddaro ko goli maro’, but who is the gaddar? Who is selling off the country? Who is shouting about NPR, NRC and CAA? First learn to control Delhi, then think about Bangla.

Some people are distorting my speeches. Some have falsely distorted my statement. My public statements are always fully recorded. I have not once said yesterday that Bangladeshis in India are our country’s citizens. Those who are in Bangladesh are Bangladeshi citizens, and those who are in India are Indian citizens. But one must remember an important part of our history. Till 1947, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were one; after partition, many people came to India from Pakistan and Bangladesh. At that time, the Nehru-Liaquat agreement had taken place, according to which those who came in from Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) became Indians. Those who came to India in March 1971 during Bangladesh liberation war also became our citizens as a result of the pact signed by Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. I was referring to them.

Please study properly before publishing/saying. Otherwise, if my statements are distorted, law will take its own course: Mamata Banerjee

Our government has given refugees permanent rights to their lands.

I will conduct the mass wedding of 300 Adivasi girls tomorrow. Grants under the Rupashree Scheme would also be given to them tomorrow.

For developmental schemes, I don’t beg for funds from the Centre.

We give rice at Rs 2 per kg after buying them from farmers. Everyone is benefitted.

If any of you don’t get any of the government benefits, lodge complaints with the district magistrate.

Bangla is number one in removing poverty from the lives of the people. the BJP has no answer to this.

The country has the highest number of unemployed now.

The Centre is selling away Railways, BSNL, Air India and others.

The BJP is trying is scaring everybody abut CAA. What was the need for the new law?

Those who elected the prime minister are thinking whether they can stay in the country. Will the BJP teach me about religion?

Who gave the BJP the right to conduct a genocide in Delhi? The people want justice. And justice will happen, now or later.