KMC Election 2015: Trinamool reaches out to people on Facebook

Trinamool Congress believes in 360 degrees of communication. Even for the upcoming municipal elections, the party is using the digital medium for the KMC Election 2015 campaigning. Candidates as well as supporters have taken up Facebook as one of the mediums to connect with people.

Various Facebook groups, pages and profiles of the candidates and the supporters are engaged in disseminating campaign-related information as well as reaching out to the voters online.

The updates on these pages are easily accessible through handheld mobile devices, thus enabling candidates to connect with voters easily.


Ward No 90 candidate: Baiswanor Chattopadhyay



Profile of Baiswanor Chattopadhyay


Campaign is led through his own profile: Baiswanor Chattopadhyay, as well as the profile of Trinamool Congress – 90 no. Ward KMC Election Reigning Fighters.



Campaign page for Baiswanor Chattopadhyay


Ward No 81 candidate: Jui Biswas

Updates of upcoming programmes and earlier campaigns are available on Jui Biswas’ profile.


Jui Biswas’s Facebook page


Ward No 110 candidate: Arup Chakraborty

An ardent believer of social media and also a frontrunner in campaigning through social media, Arup Chakraborty’s profile not only posts about his campaign but also shares information about qchievement stories of Trinamool:



The FB page of Arup Chakraborty


Ward No 68 candidate: Sudarshana Mukherjee

The FB page 68 ward candidate Sudarshana Mukherjee has made quite a mark in the virtual world. From sharing campaign stories to focussing on the issues of Ward No. 68, Sudarshana Mukherjee has done a great job.

Sudarshana Mukherjee FB

FB page of Sudarshana Mukherjee


Ward No 96 candidate: Malay (Debabrata) Majumdar

An active campaign through social network is being led through the group 96 no ward Trinomul Congress providing pictures and details of the campaign in this ward.

Ward 96

A glimpse of the FB Page


Ward No 22 candidate: Dinesh Bajaj

The profile of Dinesh Bajaj provides pictures and information of the municipal campaign in Barabazar area in details.

Dinesh Bajaj

Dinesh Bajaj’s FB activity


Supporters’ Groups

Trinamool Congress Supporters Community has been active on social media for almost a decade. A team of dedicated supporters have been relentlessly carrying out campaigns for spreading the message of development done by Trinamool Congress. This group has been tirelessly campaigning for the KMC Election 2015.


Facebook  supporters community

TMCS page on Facebook


Trinamool Congress Supporters ™® has been campaigning for the party in social networking sites for a long time. KMC Election 2015 has been a high point for this group.


Flurry of activity on Facebook