Kolkata Police sets up ‘May I Help You’ booths to help students

Kolkata Police is always there to help school students in their times of need.

If any student is stuck in any part of the city due to traffic snarls, they or their guardians are requested to call the police at 1073 (Traffic Helpline) or 100. Kolkata Police promises to immediately help them to reach their schools on time.

Keeping in mind the examination schedules and the need for school children to reach their schools on time, Kolkata Police has set up special assistance points in the vicinity of many schools. These can also be contacted for any kind of assistance.

In a post it put up on its Facebook page, Kolkata Police has said that school children will always be a priority and so asks students and guardians to not hesitate to call up the helpline numbers or contact its special assistance units. The post assures people that ‘We are just a phone call away and ready to serve the school kids.’

Bengal Govt to set up toll-free poison information helpline

The Bengal Government is going to set up a Poison Information Centre at RG Kar Medical College and Hospital. The 24-hour toll-free helpline would be served by a dedicated phone number.

Anyone can call up to get information on how to treat any infection caused by a poison.

The centre is being set up at a 1,500 square foot space on the second floor of the Academic Building. It would be run by two senior doctors and four to five junior doctors.

বিষের বিষয়ে তথ্য দিতে টোল ফ্রি হেল্প লাইন


রাজ্য সরকার আর জি কর মেডিক্যাল কলেজ ও হাসপাতালে একটি বিষ সংক্রান্ত তথ্যকেন্দ্র তৈরি করতে চলেছে। একটি ২৪ ঘণ্টার হেল্পলাইনও খোলা হবে এই বিষয়ে।

বিষক্রিয়া থামাতে কি কি করণীয়, তার যাবতীয় তথ্য মিলবে এই হেল্পলাইনে।

হাসপাতালের আকাডেমিক বিল্ডিঙের তৃতীয় তলায় ১৫০০ বর্গ ফুটের ওপর তৈরি হবে এই কেন্দ্র। এই কেন্দ্রটি চালাবে ২ জন বর্ষীয়ান ডাক্তার ও ৪/৫জন জুনিয়র ডাক্তার।

Source: Sangbad Pratidin

WB Govt launches toll free helpline for college admissions

The Higher Education Department of the West Bengal Government has launched a toll free helpline for students who are seeking admission to undergraduate-level courses in various colleges in the State.

Students can call the number 1800-1037-033 between 9 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. The toll free helpline was launched on 1 June, 2015 and will be active till 30 September, 2015.

Incidentally, from this year, admission procedure for colleges in Bengal has been made online.


WB Govt opens control room for earthquake relief

West Bengal Government today started a round-the-clock control room at Nabanna after another earthquake jolted parts of Bengal.

The helpline numbers launched by West Bengal Government are: 1070 and (033) 22143526.


WB CM wrote on Facebook:

“Earthquake has once again struck many parts of our State and other parts of the country and abroad. We are with all our brothers & sisters. I appeal to our people to maintain calm. Our Government will provide all support.”


Image: File Photo of earthquake in Nepal

West Bengal Govt starts toll free helpline for ‘poison information centre’

West Bengal Government launches a toll free helpline ‘poison information centre’. This is to assist citizens on occasions where they may suspect a case of poisoning.

All the person needs to do is dial the toll free number to speak to a specialized team of doctors who will assist them according to the symptoms narrated by the caller.

This centre is being set up in the State Government run RG Kar Medical College’s forensic medicine and toxicology department.

If in a certain locality if a group of people start suffering from breathing problems or may come across a flock of birds lying dead, this might be due to poisonous gas circulating in that area. It is advised to call the ‘poison information centre’ and seek necessary guidance.

Call toll free number 1800 345 0033 to reach the ‘poison information centre’.