Bengal Govt repairing canals in Howrah dist to prevent flooding

To prevent the kind of floods that caused huge damage to farmlands, houses and people in Howrah district last year due the DVC’s unannounced release of water, the State Government has started the repair and renovation of canals in the district.

The regions of Udaynarayanpur and Amta were specially affected. Hence, the blocks of Amta-1, Amta-2 and Udaynarayanpur are being given stress on. The renovation and repair of canals would cost an estimated Rs 30 crore.

The idea is to enable the flow of water from the Damodar to the Rupnarayan via these canals – about 30 to 35 thousand cusecs of water. Hence, water would not overflow the banks of the Damodar and life and property would be saved.

The filling up of the canals will serve another purpose too – vast areas of croplands would get water throughout the year.


Kolkata now free from water logging problems, thanks to KMC

The drainage system of Kolkata is depended on the canal network surrounding the city. After independence, most of these canals were not dredged in totality. With the help of the State Government, KMC has undertaken dredging and desiltation of this canal network. As a result, the people of Kolkata have got relief from the age-old water logging problem during the monsoon.

The canals which have been dredged and desilted are:

1. Dredging and desiltation of TP canal, inter-stepping channel, lead channel, AA1, BB1, CC1, EE1, A5, A6 up to 16 km and lining done up to 665 m

2. Desiltation worth 1.5 km has been done from Monikhali in Monikhali canal; Parnashree, Bagore channel, CPT canal areas, and lining for 390 metres have been done

3. For Keorapukur canal, Keorapukur channel, Keorapukur branch canal, desiltation of 1.1 km has been completed for, lining for 797 metres and 951 metres of U-through has been done

4. Churiwal canal, the increased areas of Churiwal canal and Suti canal’s 26.8 km silt has been cleared and lining of 211 metres have been done

The Pumping Stations used for clearing monsoon water have also been upgraded and modernised sparing the citizens of Kolkata from facing water logging problems. Also the following steps have been taken:

• Four new booster pumping stations have been installed in Borough I – RK Ghosh drainage pumping station, Birpara drainage pumping station, Dutta Bagan drainage pumping station and Kashipur drainage pumping station.

• Under Borough VIII the new pumping stations are Topsia drainage pumping station, Ambedkar Bridge pumping station over EE-1 canal, Pataldanga drainage pumping station, Kulia-Tangra drainage pumping station and the old pumping station at Chingrighata have been renovated and refurbished to cater to an increased volume.

• Under Borough XI six new pumping stations have been renovated and refurbished to increase their capacity.

• In Borough XII the old drainage pumping stations have been replaced with new ones, PS1 drainage pumping station near Bagha Jatin Rail Station, PS 3 drainage pumping station near Kasba Rajdanga, Nonadanga, PS 4 drainage pumping station and Neelachal Housing Complex drainage pumping station.

• New pumping station has been installed in Borough XIII canal road area and the three old pumping stations of that area have been refurbished to an increased capacity.

•In Borough XIV area new pumping stations have been installed namely CPT canal drainage pumping station, Behala Flying Club drainage pumping station and the two older pumping stations of that area have been refurbished to an increased capacity.