Trinamool MPs stage protest against Air India disinvestment

The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs on Monday staged a protest in the Parliament premises against the disinvestment of national carrier Air India (AI).

Trinamool Congress MPs raised slogans saying that Air India is a national asset and disinvestment shows that there is possibly a scam going on.

Last week, Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee had criticised the Central Government’s plans to sell Air India. She had tweeted, “I am sorry to read in the media about the Government inviting expression of interest for selling Air India, the jewel of our nation. We strongly oppose this and want this order to be withdrawn immediately. This Government must not be allowed to sell our country.”

এয়ার ইন্ডিয়ার বিলগ্নিকরণের সিদ্ধান্তে ক্ষুব্ধ তৃণমূল

এয়ার ইন্ডিয়ার ৭৬ শতাংশ বিলগ্নিকরণ করার মন্ত্রীসভার সিদ্ধান্তে ব্যাপক ক্ষুব্ধ তৃণমূল। এই ইস্যুতে সোমবার সংসদ চত্বরে ধর্না দেন তৃণমূল সাংসদরা। সোমবার সকাল সাড়ে দশটায় সংসদ চত্বরে মোদি সরকারের বিরুদ্ধে আওয়াজ তোলেন তৃণমূল কংগ্রেসের সাংসদরা। তারা জানিয়ে দেন, এয়ার ইন্ডিয়ার বিলগ্নিকরণ মোটেই মেনে নেওয়া হবে না।

স্বয়ং দলনেত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় এ ব্যাপারে প্রতিবাদ জানিয়ে তোপ দেগেছেন। ট্যুইট করে সমালোচনা চড়িয়েছেন মোদি সরকারের বিরুদ্ধে।

মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় লেখেন, “সংবাদমাধ্যমে দেখলাম কেন্দ্রীয় সরকার এয়ার ইন্ডিয়ার বিলগ্নিকরণের সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে। খুবই দুঃখজনক। এয়ার ইন্ডিয়া দেশের সম্পদ। এর তীব্র প্রতিবাদ জানাচ্ছি। এই সিদ্ধান্ত অবিলম্বে প্রত্যাহার করতে হবে। এই সরকারকে আমাদের দেশটা বিক্রি করতে দেব না।”


Jogen Chowdhury speaks on the prevailing disparity in air fare in India | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, our Chief Minister Smt Mamata Banerjee is of the opinion that Air India should be made the best airlines of this country. It is a national carrier already and we should think of that way. I found that recently it has improved its business and also the time schedule. Some time back it was not so. So that is good news.

Services of private airlines like Indigo have gone down. They charge very high, there is a price for cancellation of the ticket and also their tickets are very steeply-priced. Most of the private airlines have steeply-priced the tickets.

So, I think that is a very difficult situation for the people who are travelling. Sometimes they have not refunded the cancellation charge even also the ticket charge. Also they demand extra baggage charges.

Sometimes because of faults in machines passengers are charged for extra baggage and it becomes a problem and embarrassing situation for the traveler. Moreover, they are not even supplying food or water when it is really necessary.

So I would like to ask the Government what measures they are taking in this situation.

Thank you very much.

Vivek Gupta raises concern on Air India’s apathy | Transcript

Full transcript:

Sir, I would like to raise the issue of Air India’s apathy.

Over 1 lakh passengers of Air India have suffered due to 70% of the flights being cancelled in the month of January and February 2015.
Sir, even if they know if it is going to be delayed for three hours they do not inform us. The principal reason behind this is they are short of crew. Shortage of crew is something they have known for one and half years but no steps have been taken to recruit crew or address the issue.
Sir, 50 pilots have resigned in the past few months and another 50 pilots are serving the notice period.

Today there is news in the newspaper, in the walk in interview which was held to recruit Air India pilots not a single person turned up. The HR manager was arrested last week for recruitment scam.

Sir, there is no response coming from the Air India Management as to what they are doing to fill up these vacancies.
New planes are being bought every month. There is an aircraft VT-AXE which is lying unused and some USD 12,000 per day is the expense that is being incurred without usage.

The crew is being forced to operate aircraft in which they are not trained.

Sir, recently untrained people were sent to check spare parts condition, this is very serious. Sir, through you I would like to draw the Government’s attention on this. Spare parts training is required to operate the particular aircraft, people were not trained and yet they had gone to the aircraft and then they were trying to certify. However, there was timely intervention by the Airport Authority.

These are all are public records Sir.

Thank you.