Jogen Chowdhury speaks on the prevailing disparity in air fare in India | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, our Chief Minister Smt Mamata Banerjee is of the opinion that Air India should be made the best airlines of this country. It is a national carrier already and we should think of that way. I found that recently it has improved its business and also the time schedule. Some time back it was not so. So that is good news.

Services of private airlines like Indigo have gone down. They charge very high, there is a price for cancellation of the ticket and also their tickets are very steeply-priced. Most of the private airlines have steeply-priced the tickets.

So, I think that is a very difficult situation for the people who are travelling. Sometimes they have not refunded the cancellation charge even also the ticket charge. Also they demand extra baggage charges.

Sometimes because of faults in machines passengers are charged for extra baggage and it becomes a problem and embarrassing situation for the traveler. Moreover, they are not even supplying food or water when it is really necessary.

So I would like to ask the Government what measures they are taking in this situation.

Thank you very much.