Rajya Sabha

July 24, 2017

Trinamool’s Derek O’Brien speaks on the issue of NEET examination paper

Trinamool’s Derek O’Brien speaks on the issue of NEET examination paper


Sir, last week my friends from Tamil Nadu raised the issue of NEET examination paper. In 2013, the NEET examination paper, the original English paper was being translated into different languages. This year there was a problem in Bengal and in Tamil Nadu. For example, if A is the  English paper, a complete different paper (say B) was set in Bengali and for Tamil Nadu paper D was set.

This year in Bengal and Tamil Nadu, out of 56,000 people who took that exam, 40,000 wrote it in Bengali; they got a separate paper and the results have been disastrous. Those boys and girls, in our two States of Tamil Nadu and Bengal have been deprived.

Sir, this matter regarding HRD is a bigger issue because this is the issue of federalism. These States have a lot of experience in setting the papers. The Minister has given the assurance that from next year we will revert to the 2013 [version]. The direct charge is what about the students this year?

There is bigger problem regarding the HRD Ministry. Today’s newspapers carried an article saying that Rabindranath Tagore is supposed to be removed from NCERT books. What is going on? He wrote the National Anthem. (However, we don’t believe everything in the newspaper; this is a very credible newspaper. The chair has ruled that if something like this appears,  give the Government an opportunity to clarify their stance.

We do not want to do politics on Rabindranath Tagore. Let the Minister come. Leader of the House is here. Sir, Kobiguru is a national treasure. I am willing to accept their explanation.

Sir, these issues – NEET and Rabindranath Tagore – are issues concerning federalism. The Leader of the House is here. The Government must clarify.