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July 21, 2017

10 points Mamata Banerjee said at the July 21 Shahid Dibas rally

10 points Mamata Banerjee said at the July 21 Shahid Dibas rally

1. We will launch ‘BJP Bharat Chharo Andolan’ from August 9, and will continue at block level till August 30. 18 Opposition parties have come together. We will have a bigger alliance in future. Political arithmetic says Modi Babu will not get even 30% votes in 2019. BJP will not get any seat in Bengal. Saradha or Narada will not be able to save ‘Barda’ (the BJP) in 2019. We have had a history of struggle. We fought against the CPI(M) and drove them out of power. Bengal is with Sonia ji, Lalu ji, Omar Abdullah and everyone who is fighting against the BJP.

We are like royal Bengal tigers. Trinamool must inspire all of India. Let’s show India the way. We will fight for our nation and speak up strongly. ‘Karenge ya Marenge’ – We will save Bengal from BJP. We will fight against the dangabaaz. We will throw the party of rioters out of Bengal. This is our challenge.


2. July 21 is the day we decide our future course of action. 2018 will be the 25th anniversary of July 21 Shahid Dibas. We will observe it as ‘Angikaar Dibas’ which will stand for hope, struggle for existence of all people, the tribals and marginalised. The day stands for democracy and the rights of the downtrodden. The Judicial Commission report says July 21 was a conspiracy in which 13 people were killed in police firing and thousands injured. We will take action against those who fired bullets on that day. All cases lodged against youth activists by the then CPI(M) Govt in July 1993 will be withdrawn. We believe in political courtesy. We will not touch Jyoti Babu or Buddha Babu. Fresh compensation of Rs 2 lakh will be paid to every shahid family.


3. We are not sure if the rights of the people will be secure under this govt at the Centre. Who are they to decide on what one can eat? They are telling pregnant women not to eat non-veg. In the name of gau-raksha, a gau-rakshas has been unleashed on the country. They want Aadhaar even before kids are born. They are depriving students of mid-day meals for Aadhaar. Now should we also need Aadhaar for bathing and getting married? The Centre is bulldozing everyone. What is happening to the right to privacy? They even want to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers.


4. Counter BJP on social media. Bring all fake news to our notice. Complain to the police. Photos of Comilla (Bangladesh), Gujarat riots and even a Bhojpuri film clip are being shared as those of violence in Bengal. Cyber crime is a big crime, we are monitoring such posts. We respect Facebook, not ‘Fakebook’.


5. We will celebrate Sampriti Dibas on August 7 (Rakhee Bandhan). The Bengal Govt will also observe Sampriti Dibas on that day. Police will form ‘Shanti Vahini’ in every area. Do not allow the BJP to incite riots. True Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians do not riot. A few goons with ulterior motives do that. Trinamool workers must take a pledge today to thwart any attempts to foment communal tension in Bengal. Let’s take a solemn pledge today to stop any form of communal hostility.


6. Trinamool is the most vocal party against the Centre. So we are targeted the most. But Chorer maayer boro gola. No CBI probe into the corruption in Rajasthan, on Vyapam in MP or on the Reddy brothers in Karnataka. Why is there no CBI probe into the petroleum scam in Gujarat? Trinamool spoke out against demonetisation, so they unleashed the CBI. We spoke against the GST, and they sent the ED. Trinamool does not need character certificate from the BJP. Saradha chit fund was formed during the CPI(M) rule. Has any CPI(M) leader been arrested?


7. The RBI has not yet been able to tell the nation how much black money has been recovered. To recover just Rs 11 crore, they imposed demonetisation. Now GST has ruined the textile industry. GDP growth has dipped. GVA growth in industry sector has come down. There have been job losses in 8 core sectors. Bank credit growth of 10% in 2015-16 has come down to 5% in 2016-17. Economy is on a downward spiral.


8. Over 12,000 farmers have committed suicide across the country. We have done away with tax on farm land. Modi Sarkar has failed on the economic front. Demonetisation was a huge scam. GST will give rise to corruption. Trade and industry have been affected; even the sweet industry is affected due GST. Gujarat’s heera (diamond) has 3% tax while Bengal’s jeera has 14% tax!


9. Dalits, Muslims, even Hindus who criticise the govt are being attacked. Journalists speaking out are losing their jobs. Media houses in Delhi have sold themselves out. They are doing dalali. One channel (beginning with R) has been started with the money from RAW. Amartya Sen is not safe under this regime in Delhi. Paranjoy Guhathakurta had to lose his job.


10. The Centre has soured relationships with all neighbouring countries. Bengal shares borders with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh. Kalidas (referring to Centre) is cutting the branch he is sitting on. We fight like a royal Bengal tiger. It is not easy to defeat us. Hindus, Dalits, minorities, Advasis, the SC/ST, media, sportspersons, intellectuals, artistes are all safe in Bengal. Let them first challenge a July 21 turnout. Then come and challenge us. Arrest 30 lakh workers of Trinamool. If you arrest one of us, another worker will be born.