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July 11, 2017

State Govt launches manual for driving schools

State Govt launches manual for driving schools

In an effort to improve driving culture and better conscientiousness while plying on roads in the State, the transport ministry has released a standard driver’s training manual to be followed by all driving schools in West Bengal. This manual has been prepared by experts from IIT Kharagpur.

This move, which is expected to increase road safety, comes in the wake of a continuing debate on creating a more accountable system for drivers and trainers in preventing motor accidents by addressing deeper problems. Suvendu Adhikari, the state Transport Minister, last Wednesday unveiled the manuals, which have been published in three languages – English, Bengali and Hindi — at present. The manual will also be published in other languages including Nepali, Santhali and Urdu.

In his statement, the Minister said, “The driving schools have to strictly follow the manuals while providing training to drivers. Stringent measures will be taken in case any motor training school is found not following the manual. Initially, they will be show-caused and their license may also get cancelled if they continue flouting the norms by not following the manual.” Such rigorous rules are being applied by the State to create structural changes in the system so as to reduce the incidence of road accidents and fatalities/injuries/damage resulting from them.