Rajya Sabha

March 13, 2020

Derek O’Brien speaks on Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas Bill, 2020

Derek O’Brien speaks on Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas Bill, 2020


Yes Sir, today I have got four minutes. Yesterday, I was asking for (time to speak) four sentences (which) I was not given, but anyway.

Sir, the country must first know how Parliament is being subverted. This Bill is a good example.

When was the last time legislative business was brought on a Friday afternoon, which is Private Members’ Bill day?

Two, when was the last time a Bill was passed, legislative business by the government, between 1 and 2:30 PM? The Opposition is cooperating, that is why all this is happening.

Three, I can speak today, you know, on cricket and hockey, not on this Bill and no one can stop me. Because yesterday we were supposed to be discussing healing in Delhi and the Home Minister came and spoke and lied to this country on NPR, he did not mention NRC once. He said NPR, tell him clear his views on NRC.
Now I am coming to the Bill.

CAA, NPR, NRC are not going on record…Why? Because everything he said yesterday was wrong. NPR is the law of the land… Accha abhi dekho, ab kya ho gaya, Sir? What happened? Boliye… Stop me… What happened yesterday in Parliament? We did not disturb… He lied in Parliament. Tell me about NRC,

Sir I also understand there are some new MP’s who are trying to impress their boss.

Sir, on a serious note, we did not disturb the Home Minister once. I asked for a clarification, I sat down, I am not angry. Yesterday, I did not disturb. He is a senior member, he is the Home Minister of the country. I did not disturb him once. I sat down. I was given the assurance from there that after (his speech) I will be (allowed to) ask for clarification. I was not given a chance. Chalo, I am not feeling hurt, I am not feeling depressed, I am angry.

Firstly, at least the money bill has come to be discussed in Rajya Sabha. My gosh, we should be delighted about that. Guess what, the young people of India should know how this government passes legislation. This Bill was discussed for four minutes and thirty seconds and passed in Lok Sabha. Superb! Four minutes and thirty seconds!
Now let me tell you the reasons why I think the government is bringing this Bill

Sir, I seek your protection. People who do this… this is not the parampara… Thank you, Sir.
The missed gross tax revenue collection is Rs 3 lakh crore. The direct tax collection target is down by Rs 1.65 lakh crore. States have been denied. I can only speak about my State; the revenue which has been denied is Rs 50,000 crore, including Rs 13,000 crore crore of GST and grants of Rs 38,000 crore – total coming to Rs 50,000 crore. So all this money, which the Finance Minister is trying to mop up on Friday the black 13th. At least this is an oasis, not the stock market. This money should be given to the state governments which are owed money. This is important.
Another question which I want to put to the Finance Minister, if she clarifies in her reply, it will be nice. Central Bank of India… There are PSU’s, like Central Bank of India has Rs 9,000 crore, LIC Rs 65,000 crore, of dispute and the government also has other PSU’s. How will they mop up? Because otherwise we have got no information on how LIC is using the money. The Railways took thousands of crore from the LIC but there again there was no money.
Sir, everyone is making nice statements V to V, V to B, the simple word we are looking for Sir, is trust. There is a trust deficit.

Sir, the banks are failing, the NPAs are rising. Many banks have failed and yet we are saying all is well. Sir, this Government, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister have to smell the coffee. The situation is serious. Just image building is not going to be the solution and I want to give them some advice also.
Parliament is not a boy’s club. You have to come and answer the hard questions here in Parliament. You invite three or four MPs and say come to my chamber. I go to nobody’s chamber to drink coffee, bad or good, or eat dhokla. I want the answers here, on the floor of Parliament. Come and answer the hard questions on this Bill.
You are in trouble and you are going to get deeper into trouble. We are always there. We know what your intentions are. Pay the state governments if you mop up some of the funds. And also since it’s Friday the 13th and the Finance Minister is here, I want to wish her well on all fronts.

Thank you, Sir.