Rajya Sabha

March 17, 2020

Derek O’Brien seeks clarifications from Railway Minister in Rajya Sabha

Derek O’Brien seeks clarifications from Railway Minister in Rajya Sabha


Sir, I will be very brief because 26 MPs spoke and 2 Ministers spoke. We were expecting some answers. You have been very generous because you kept telling the Ministers. 

I am going to repeat six questions. Woh six questions jiska answer abhi tak nahi mila. Aap dusra chance nahi denge kyunki phir Minister humko unka chamber mein bulayenge answer ke liye. Mujhe chamber mein answer nahi chahiye.

Pehla prashna: Chhe saal mein freight ka jo growth tha 4 per cent woh ghatke abhi 1 per cent kyun hua? Not one word on that.

Doosra: Bullet trains nahi hain, yeh bullet points hain. Revenue receipts ghatke minus 78 per cent kyun hua? Revenue deficit Rs 25,000 crore kyun huwa? Ek line bhi nahi bataya unhone.

Teesra: Railways Government of India ko Rs 7-8000 crore deta tha har saal. Teen saal mein nahi diya. Woh paisa abhi ek ho gaya.

Chautha: Bullet train chalu hone ka date announce hua tha bahar mein, 2022 ya 2023. Aaj hum answer sun liya. Kya uttar suna? State Government. Now all the blame for the delay will go to the State Government. The Minister did not tell me when the bullet train was coming. He did not say.

Before 2017, sab koi samajhna tha ki, when the Railways would do a project, it would be funded 100 per cent by the Central Government. Now it has become 50 per cent State Government funding and 50 per cent Central Government funding. The model is different.

Mera panchwa point hain: Electrification and bio-toilets. Yeh Indian Railways ka disha 2014 saal mein sthapit nahin hua, it was through the Vision 2020 document, as propounded by Mamata Banerje


You see, Sir, two more points. Jab Rail Mantri bhashan de rahe the, hum log ek bar bhi tippani nahi kiya. Protect us. We are talking facts, we got no answers.

I have got two more specific points. Whenever a project, the Centre wants to take credit. When it is not successful, you want to blame the State Government. 

My basic question here is, you cannot call anybody, you cannot call the people of Bengal anti-national. Please withdraw that comment. Withdraw this comment. Who said this on the floor of the House? Bangal ko de raha hai, kya de raha hai? Anti-national yeh BJP ka rawaiya hai. Anti-national bol raha hai Bangal ko. Nahin, unacceptable. You withdraw this comment. 

How dare you call the people of Bengal anti-national? Not acceptable, Sir.