Lok Sabha

August 10, 2021

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks in support of The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2021

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks in support of The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2021


Madam, I rise to speak on The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2021. 

I cannot get any idea why the Government was scared to discuss the Pegasus issue for just a day. As it happened today, all the Opposition parties unitedly responded to the Speaker’s request that we take part on this debate. Pegasus was the only issue that we wanted to discuss. 

Members are keen to know, hum sab log jaante bhi nahin hain ki yeh hai kya. Saara desh saara vishwa uthal raha hai. Aj main yeh prastav rakhta hoon yahan, ki jaise aaj hum sab logon ka sahmati se yeh Bill par  charcha ho raha hain, Pegasus par bhi kal charcha ho jaye toh achha hoga. It is a proposal from my party. 

Madam, Lok Sabha aur Rajya Sabha mein is session mein kya hua? 30 Bills were bulldozed through in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, with an average time of just 10 minutes spent per Bill. Jo sab Bill yahan par discussion hua hai, sab dus minute mein pass ho gaya hai. Yeh record mein rehna chahiye is liye main bol raha hoon, and only 11 per cent of the Bills passed have been scrutinised by the Standing Committees. 

Madam, this Bill, when it was circulated, I personally took interest to speak on it. It is mentioned in the Statement of Objects and Reasons that there was a need to amend Article 342A and make consequential amendments to Articles 338B and 366 of the Constitution. Yeh sab articles ko amendment karna chahiye. Toh ab yeh sab amend karne ke liye kya kiya? A Bill, which is to be introduced and passed today, brought in due to a verdict and the intervention of the Supreme Court. It states that The Constitution (One Hundred and Second Amendment) Act 2018, which has been discussed in the Bill, inspired the above three articles. 

It is mentioned that this Bill has been tabled to save “the federal structure of this country”. Yeh yahan pe likha hua hai, main Bill se hi padh raha hoon. Humare desh mein federal structure abhi dikhai nahi deta. The federal structure is totally under threat. Hum log chahte hain ki federal structure ko balwant banaya jaaye. Its voice should not be gagged, and the parliamentary democratic process should be allowed to function properly, by letting the Government of India to function on its own and the state governments on their own.  

Hum log Vidhan Sabha chunav mein kamyab ho ke aaye hain. Desh mein bhi Narendra Modi ka sarkar hain, desh ki aam janata ke samarthan mein. Toh yehi achha hoga ki ek doosre ke kaam pe zyada dimag na de, everyday interfere na kare. Agar har waqt pe ek state ke upar khabardari na kiya jaaye toh federal structure achcha rahega

Federal structure ke vishay mein, jab Lok Sabha ka Speaker all-party meeting bulate hain, main har bar yeh maang rakhta hoon ki federal structure ko le kar ek din bahut achchha sa aalochana ho jaaye; tab hamare sab logon ke saamne bahut idea aaega. 

Madam, Article 338B of the Indian Constitution provides for the National Commission for OBCs. The Supreme Court verdict after this amendment said that only the Central government will have the power to declare a class as OBC. Aisa hoga toh States will lose their power. The State OBC Commissions will virtually become defunct. Ye pura Delhi se niyantran chalega. Many state governments objected to this. Yeh sab prativad ko sunke aaj Sarkar ko yahan aana pada. Accordingly, it has been contemplated that the 102nd Amendment, creating Article 338B, should be further amended to keep intact the provision of having state governments’ OBC lists. 

Madam, it is a legislation beneficial to the states. This Bill is giving power to states, and therefore they will support this Bill. Trinamool BJP ka koi Bill ko support karta hain, is vishay par hi to taliya ho sakta hai. Har din to galiya chalta hai, aaj hum support dete hai, aur hamare jo neta hai Mamta Banerjee, General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee, sabka phone bhi aj hacking ho gaya hai Israel ke madhyam se. 

The states will support this Bill because it  activates the State OBC Commissions. This Bill is being passed because power is being transferred to state governments from Centre.

Madam, this Bill is being passed as power is being transferred to the states from the Centre; so it is a good sign. It is giving power to state governments to identify socially and economically backward classes in the states in order to giving reservations in education and government jobs.

Madam, lastly, before I conclude and extend full support to the Bill, I want to go just back to one portion. Federal structure ke baare main yeh bolna chahta hoon, ki hamare state mein ek problem aa gaya hain. Rajya ka jo sangvidhanik pradhan hain, uske upar bhi Kendriya Sarkar ka kuchh nazardari rakhna chahiye. Hamara state government bhi kaam karne ke liye maidan mein utara hain, woh chahe OBC ho, minorities ho, caste Hindus ho, sabke liye. Iska natija hi to pichhle Vidhan Sabha chuano mein nikla hai na, Madam, ki hamara Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in sab sections ke paas hain. Bengal kitna aage hain. Bengal Assembly mein out of 294, 74 seats hain jo Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes ke paas hain, aur unme se 90 per cent hamare saath hain. Toh yeh sab dekhkte huye main batana chahta hoon ki jab commission huya, jab states ke haath mein power diya gaya, yeh dekhna chahiye ki OBCs ke saath koi avichar na ho, aur hum log bhi unke saath khade hain.