Lok Sabha

March 9, 2017

Saugata Roy speaks in Lok Sabha on the issue of killing of Indians in USA

Saugata Roy speaks in Lok Sabha on the issue of killing of Indians in USA


Madam, thank you very much for allowing me. I had given an Adjournment Motion on the killing of Indians in the United States by those indulging in hate crimes. Madam, the Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibotla was shot dead and his friend Alok Madasani seriously injured in Kansas on February 22 by an American shouting anti-immigrant slogans. Another Indian, Harnish Patel, a convenience store owner was killed in South Carolina. Again, on March 4, one Deep Rai was injured in Kent, Washington.

Madam, this is the result of a persistent hate campaign against Indians which is taking place in the United States, especially after the new Government came to power. As Mr Kharge has mentioned, Indian technical professionals there are giving a big service to the US economy, rather they are providing them brain power. But a hate campaign against Indians is being carried out.

Madam, we are very concerned. Our Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee in a Twitter message, has expressed concern and has asked the Government of India to take steps. She has also written to them a letter on this issue. But the Central Government, especially our very voluble, vocal and articulate Prime Minister is keeping a strange silence on the issue.

I can understand that External Affairs Minister is not well but the Prime Minister is his own foreign minister; he goes everywhere. The Foreign Secretary went to America and talked about H-1B visas and the restrictions on them. Immediately after he came back US imposed a fresh restrictions on H-1B visas in America for getting priority. Now what is happening? Aren’t the interests of the Indians working in the United States to be protected by the Government of India? Aren’t we going to take a proper step so that this hate campaign stops?

With all the vehemence, we condemn the hate campaign carried out by certain misguided sections of American society. We do hope that there will be protest in America as there are protests in India. We do hope our government will show the gumption and guts to stand up to the hate crimes  in the US so that no more attacks take place on Indians and Indians working there on H1B visa are not deprived of their right of working in the United States.

Thank you, Madam.