Lok Sabha

March 11, 2020

Saugata Ray speaks on the issue of matters under Rule 377

Saugata Ray speaks on the issue of matters under Rule 377


Sir, may I join the rest of my colleagues in thanking you for coming back to your chair of high honour. The House was feeling like an orphan without your presence. There was nobody to protect our rights and interests. 

Sir, we had a very fruitful meeting in your chamber and fortunately we came to the conclusion that all is well that ends well. We discussed the incidents in the House over the last week and we also came to the conclusion that what had happened was not desirable. It is the duty of all of us to uphold the dignity and majesty of the House, which is made up of the representatives of the people of this country. I am sure that after today the atmosphere will remain good and that we shall all strive to keep harmony in the House, refrain from any action that infringes on the dignity of the House and the unity of the Members. 

We, as opposition, would raise our small issues and demands, like we have been demanding a discussion on the Delhi riots, and which will happen today. Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has instructed us to not go into the well. Even if we are leaving the seats sometimes, it is actually in violation of what she said. So we commit to you that we shall cooperate with you in keeping the dignity of the House. 

In this context I refer to my friends from the Congress benches who have been suspended under a motion moved by the Parliamentary Affairs Minister. I do not defend whatever they said or whatever they did, but they are also Members of this House, elected by the people. Their absence from the House would deprive that large section of people from being represented in the House. So at the end of it all, with you back in the Chair, with your magnanimity, your generosity, please call back our young friends back to this House. Let this House be whole again, with you in the Chair.

Thank you, Sir.