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November 9, 2012

West Bengal leads the road to development, survey shows development in every sphere

West Bengal leads the road to development, survey shows development in every sphere

The recent survey `States of the Future` conducted by the leading News magazine the India Today shows that West Bengal under the leadership of West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee is leading the way to development ahead of other Indian states. The survey which was conducted across states predominantly focused on eight categories – Governance, health, investment, infrastructure, over all growth education, micro economic, consumer market.

The survey shows that the over all growth in the State has come up to 6th position from 17th position. 

According to the results of the survey there has been a subsequent development in every sphere and statistics have scaled up compared to what it was last year. This is certainly the success of the Chief Minister who took many positive initiatives to bring back the industry and build an industry-friendly culture in the State. The previous regime in the State compelled the industry to fold up and look for alternative locations in other states badly hitting the economy and employment in the State. 

Ms. Banerjee after taking over as the Chief Minister took many initiatives to interact with the respective federations representing the business fraternity. She during the past few months interacted with the business fraternity and discussed the possibility of investments.  

It may not be out place to mention that for the first time a business summit `Bengal Leads` was organized in the city and industry people across the globe attended the summit. This year the State Government is going to organize the `2nd Bengal Leads` this year at Haldia in January 2013.

According the India Today magazine issue dated November 12, 2012, there has been a subsequent growth in the following sectors:
Over all growth in 2012 ranks 6th. It ranked 17th in 2011. 
Investment  in 2012 ranks 9th. It ranked 15th in 2011.
Governance  in 2012 ranks 2nd. It ranked 10th in 2011. 
Infrastructure in 2012 ranks 2nd. It ranked 17th in 2011. 
Education in 2012 ranks 3rd. It ranked 17th in 2011.
Health in 2012 ranks 7th. It ranked 13th in 2011.
Micro Economy in 2012 ranks 13th. It ranked 18th in 2011.
Consumer Market in 8th. It ranked 10th in 2011.