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November 30, 2012

Chief Minister convenes an administrative meeting in Singur, lays foundation stone of a college

Chief Minister convenes an administrative meeting in Singur, lays foundation stone of a college
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee convened a high-level-administrative meeting at the BDO office in Singur on Friday. The meeting was attended by all the administrative officials of Hooghly district.
`I recall the days of the Singur movement after coming here today. I was even  hospitalized and suffered a lot`, recalled the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister said, `I had a positive discussion today with the district administration official here and I had a positive meeting. During the meeting we have touched issues like education, health, mid-day-meal, roads, minority development, 100-day-programme, administrative issues, law and order including issues`. `The progress in the 100-days work structure is satisfactory as compared to last time when we came here and it was 11-days. Today I am told is 29-days`, added the Chief Minister.
Speaking to the journalists after the meeting the Chief Minister said, `I will lay the foundation stone of a college to be constructed on five acres of land next to the health centre in Singur`.
The Chief Minister announced a subsidy of Rs 8,000 to 31,000 farmers towards the expenses to run electricity pumps instead of diesel owing to excessive price hike in fuel prices.
`I have told before and will like to clarify again as I can see some vested interest are trying to create confusion over the delay in paying the monthly stipend to the poor farmers. This was un intentional and happened as the DM in fell severly ill and the new DM who took the charge required some time to understand the situation. However, I have given instruction to the administration not to repeat this again and pay the stipend on time`, said the Chief Minister who added, `We are paying a amount of Rs. 2000 and 16 Kg rice at a subsidized rate of rupees two to 3,600 affected families`.