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November 24, 2012

Chief Minister inaugurates handicraft fair, says committed to provide job to 1-crore people

Chief Minister inaugurates handicraft fair, says committed to provide job to 1-crore people
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the `Hastashilpo Mela` (Handicraft Fair) at the Milan Mela Prangan on Saturday.  The Fair will showcase the handicraft items of artisans who have come from various districts across West Bengal.
Speaking at the inauguration, the Chief Minister said, `I would like to draw your attention towards the beautiful and artistic products at the handicraft being sold at the fair. Even if you do not wish to buy anything please do not hesitate to visit the fair as I am sure you will cherish the feel of the village art and craft `.
`I want the investors to come forward in larger numbers and invest. I have already provided an e-mail to industrialists during the recently organized industrialist meeting in Kolkata . I have already received some important and valuable suggestions`, said the Chief Minister who also requested the people to abstain from the frequent `bandhs` (strikes). She said that the `bandh` culture has already ruined the State during the past 35-years and further strikes will create a dent in the development which will ruin the State beyond any repair.
`Trinamool Congress is not greedy and we do not run after money thorough unscrupulous methods, I use the money I get from selling the paintings for the development work of the party and I will continue to do so. We do not make money from cut-money and let me assure you that our party will never indulge in such practices`, added the Chief Minister.
`I would like to reiterate that I am committed towards the development of the State and I will request all the organizations like the `self help group` or `Anandadhara and various cooperatives to come forward and work together in this direction and develop Bengal. If the population of the State is 10-crore then I would like atleast one-crore people to have jobs`, said the Chief Minister.  
`I found after going through the fair that the products have a artistic feel yet quite affordable`, said the Chief Minister who showed a few products like a fork curved out from coconut skin and a bowl and spoon set made out of handicraft materials.
`I want you all to come here and have a look at the products which are priced at so affordable rates and I feel if we decorate our houses with such materials it will be artistic as well as supporting the artisans who give in so much hard work to create these materials`, said the Chief Minister.