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April 29, 2013

Trinamool YUVA chief will sue CPI(M) for defamation, making fictional charges

Trinamool YUVA chief will sue CPI(M) for defamation, making fictional charges
At a public gathering, a CPI(M) politician and former West Bengal minister has made slanderous and downright fictional accusations against Abhishek Banerjee, President of Trinamool YUVA, our youth wing, and nephew of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. 

The charges – that Mr Banerjee`s company is involved in chit funds and has done business amounting to Rs 300 crore – are laughable and completely untrue. The CPI(M) has not provided an iota of evidence. We invite the CPI(M) and its leaders to study the books of the company (not at all into chit funds) and try and trace wrong-doing amounting to even Rs 300, let alone Rs 300 crore.
While we condemn such muck-raking and mudslinging, it does not surprise us. The CPI(M) is in panic because it knows the new chit fund law, which the West Bengal government is committed to, and the investigation into the Saradha swindle will expose the role of senior CPI(M) members and deeply embarrass them. Obviously, the Communists are trying to divert attention by resorting to such character assassination.
In the Trinamool Congress, we believe in the politics of issues. When we feel it appropriate, we attack the policies and ideas of our opponents. We do not resort to manufacturing allegations or seeking to implicate family members of politicians in partisan games. What the CPI(M) and its former minister have done amounts to defaming an innocent person. They will hear from our lawyers soon.