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April 25, 2013

Trinamool demands resignation of Union Minister of State for Health

Trinamool demands resignation of Union Minister of State for Health
The Letter is self-explanatory :
Sri A H Khan Chowdhury is the current Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare


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15th March 2012


The Hon`ble Prime Minister
South Block
New Delhi

Sub: Withdrawal of my complaint against Saradha Realty India Limited (Kolkata) made vide my earlier letter in September, 2011.

Respected Prime Minister,

In continuation of my earlier letter citing several complaints about Mr. Sudipta Sen of Saradha Realty India Limited (Kolkata), I have been presented certain facts by the management of Saradha Reality. There is a bonafide case of injustice here due to misrepresentation of facts by vested interest, which served as the basis of my complaint.

After my investigation of these facts, I take this opportunity to clarify some of my comments, for your records:

1> Saradha Realty being operated by Mr. Sudipta Sen has no prior personal or family connection with the ill reputed Sanchayani Savings and Investment Company Limited. Any personal reference to his family or character is regrettable due to the vile misinformation reported to me.
2> Saradha Reality is conducting a prosperous and successful Realty business in West Bengal, with some investment in the Media and Health sector.

3> Saradha Realty is not in any Chit Fund, Microfinance or NBFC (Deposit) business and may therefore, be out of the purview of the Reserve Bank of India.

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4> Saradha Realty is presently in compliance with all mandatory and legal guidelines of the Companies Act and without any noted violation of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The complaint vide my letter in September 2011 has therefore caused severe financial stress and reputational damages to the existing operational business of Saradha Realty, which is regrettable. Therefore, I would like to withdraw my complaint and request the necessary regulatory bodies to treat my last letter as deemed withdrawn.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

(A H Khan Chowdhury)

Member of Parliament

Lok Sabha