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April 27, 2013

Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee speaks on Panchayat Elections, new Chit Fund Laws

Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee speaks on Panchayat Elections, new Chit Fund Laws
Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee met the Press at Trinamool Bhavan today and said that some people are making various comments in varied subjects including the Panchayat Election. Those who are conning the people, they will be rightly answered back by the people of Bengal. Trinamool Congress is ready for not only the Panchayat Election, but any other election.

CP(I)M does not have the capability or manpower to face the election. They would rather go to the Court than facing the vote. Let the Panchayat and the Municipality elections be conducted simultaneously.  We are ready. Those who have gone to court are afraid of the vote. They have become an added party.

Those who have struck upon the democratic system and put forward the party before anything else, at every level, why will they step forward for democratic processes?  When, Trinamool has tried to conduct the Panchayat elections, they have moved to the Court.

I have already mentioned that Saradha Group has some sort of connection with Tripura and it is on record. These illegal organizations were born in the 1980s, during the Left rule. There were Sanchayitas, Sanchayanis, Favorite, Janapriyas, Overlands any many others. Action was taken on Sanchayita after 2 years. There is still a mystery about the death of its owner. No depositor got their money back. But, our Govt. has instituted a Commission of Inquiry within 48 hours. Within 72 hours, the mail culprits, who were reported against have been arrested. The Commission has started working. The Left Govt. brought a Bill in 2003 while the incidents happened in around 1980 and 1985. The 2003 Bill was lying with the Central Govt. till 2006. May I ask, did the Left Govt. take any steps between 2003 and 2006 to have that Bill ready? On the contrary, in April 2006, it was the Central Govt. which wrote back to the State Govt. that the Bill was faulty and should be withdrawn. In 2008 a new Bill was brought but the old Bill of 2003 was not withdrawn. This was done intentionally to protect the scamstars. The 2008 Bill was faulty too and done intentionally so that it is stuck with the Centre again. The new Bill was sent on 2009, which was still lying with the Centre.

Trinamool Congress came to power in the State in 2011.  May I ask, the Left knew about these Bills from 2003, then from 2003 to 2011 why did the then Left Govt. did not take any action against these illegal enterprises? In reality, the Left Govt. had supported them. The Left Knew about Saradha, they knew about Sudipta Sen. Then my question is how did they print Ganashakti Dial 2011? How did they accept advertisement from Saradha. Our Govt. did not know about Saradha, the Left Govt. knew. How two channels that are influenced by the Left Front took money from them to fund the construction?

If Trinamool Govt. did not rise to power, all these fraudulences would not have come in public view. It is because of the Maa, Mati Manush, Govt. under Mamata Banerjee, such quick actions could be made possible. Nobody associated with these frauds are to be spared. Not only will this enquiry unearth the truth, we will also try to dig back regarding the old scams. Those who have not read the Bill properly are commenting that this Bill will provide relief to the culprits. The Govt. is working with speed, transparency and honesty to give justice to the duped depositors and take necessary action against the culprits through the new Law and the Inquiry Committee.

The Trinamool Congress will take up certain programmes –

April 29 – May 2 – Protest Rally in every district, blocks, localities. In support to the duped depositors, against the culprits, against false information being spread.

May 3 – Meeting of the General Council of All India Trinamool Congress at Kshudiram Anusihlan Kendro. The next programmes of the party will be decided there.

I reiterate that anybody, who will be proved guilty after investigation, will be penalized, devoid of party colours. No organization will be spared if they have violated the norms prevailing for having a Chit Fund.

 We are concerned about all the frauds that have happened in the name of Chit Funds. Even SEBI cannot deny its responsibilities. Why has not SEBI taken steps 2 and half years back? SEBI could have stepped in. We request all the depositors who have been duped to file their complaint to the Commission. We want the Bill to be passed with everybody’s help. The Law will take its course. No time will be wasted. Why are they who slowed down the process by Two and half years complain about time being lost.