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September 20, 2013

Singur holds a very significant place in my life – Mamata Banerjee

Singur holds a very significant place in my life – Mamata Banerjee
West Bengal Chief MInister Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed a public gathering at Kamarkundu, after completing an administrative meeting at Singur BDO Office in Hooghly.
Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s Speech: 
“Singur holds a very significant place in my life, Bengal`s land reform movement started from here. I have been part of the land revolution in Singur for several days. Many of my brothers and sisters here have supported us in various ways during those tough days. I respect all of them and thank them for being by our side. We remember every sacrifice made by the innocent people.
Thank you for showering your blessings and support during the Panchayat elections and making us victorious. Since you have been beside us always, today even we are beside you. We have brought the Writer`s Building here for you in your district. This is the specialty of the Maa, Mati, Manush government.
We have discusses various developmental issues in the administrative meetings and inaugurated various project throughout the day.
8 new bus routes and many new buses have been introduced in the district for better internal and external connectivity.
Two fair price medicine shops were already functional in the district. 1 new fair price medicine shop has been inaugurated at Serampore. The district is getting many new critical units and old hospitals are being up-graded with modern facilities. 
Our government has distributed over 1 lakh patta in 2 years time under the `Nijo Bhoomi Nijo Griha` scheme and beside land we are also assisting poor people with houses under `Gitanjali` and `Indira Awas` schemes. `Adhikar` scheme has also been introduced for the poor people in the general caste. 
Hooghly district press club building has been inaugurated today. I wish the members luck for their future work. 
District Civil Disaster Management Teams have been constituted in every district, including Hooghly, so that in case of any emergency swift action and aid is available. Government is employing police and volunteers. 
Development would have been much more widespread and faster than this only if the center would bail us out the debt that the CPM government had incurred. 
A Mother knows well how to equally divide the limited rice in the house among all her children, she does not allow her children to starve. Similarly I also know how to do this. I will go against everyone to stand by my people. 
There is no medicine for jealousy, some people who have no better work to do will try and create obstacles in the path of development. Some media houses also have this tendency. People who are jealous just wait and watch what this government can do.
Kanyashree will be implemented from October 1st this year. 10,000 girls who are 18 years and above and are still enrolled in educational institutions of any kind will receive Rs. 25,000 each.  Schools, colleges, madrasas and vocational training centers have been told to open bank accounts. 13 -17 years old girls irrespective of caste will get Rs 500 scholarship each who are enrolled in any educational institution of course.
We have created employment banks and 1 lakh unemployed youth; they will be given Rs. 1500 till they get jobs. This `Yuvashre` scheme will start from October 3rd, everyone must enroll to get jobs. 
Asha girls work in the villages in different projects. They were paid Rs. 1300, now I announce to increase their salary to Rs. 1500. Midday meal cook cum helpers get Rs. 1000, their salary will be increased to Rs. 1500 and made sure it is pained on time.
I request folk or local or cultural artists to put application with the BDO office so that they can avail the job opportunity of advertising government schemes. Government will advertise its schemes through the artists and hence provide them Rs. 5000-7000 monthly.
Around 250 market hubs will be established in the State for self help groups so that they can sell their products. 
In Shishu shathi prokolpo the State Government has joined hands with three private hospitals and government hospitals to provide free paediatric cardiac surgery to 3,000 children each year, the scheme has already started. They are our future, our treasure.
A film city is coming up in Uttarpara, this will generate employment. Eco tourism is being promoted. MSME sector will see a boom. 
All BPL card holders will get electricity in their houses before December; all kisan credit cards will be distributed. 
The `Jal Dharo Jal Bharo` is a success, now we will cultivate fish in those water bodies. Bengal will be self sufficient. We will not have to import from Andhra Pradesh. The fishermen and villagers will get better income.
We have to import onions from other states. Look at the soaring price of onions. This government has taken the initiative to conduct research and located land in Bengal where onions can be grown. Hence the price of onion will not rise, we will not import, rather we will export. 
Riot and conspiracy is a crime. Do not indulge in these anti social activities. It will not do any good to anyone. Do not play with fire. All communities live in peace and harmony. 
I do not dupe people, I am not a coward, so I will never run away and I will always be beside you. I am working hard, so I am losing my health but I will continue my hard work till Bengal regains her good health.“