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September 25, 2013

KMC takes initiative for Minority Communities – An exclusive reportage

KMC takes initiative for Minority Communities – An exclusive reportage
The Trinamool-led Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has been striving to give better services and provide proper amenities to the citizens of Kolkata. Being instrumental in beautifying the city, revamping its heritage, KMC has also been active in upliftment of the minority communities, especially belonging to BPL sector.
A definite untiring endeavour has been made to achieve the goal to uplift the socio-economic and educational standard of the minorities through Multi-Sectoral Development Programme. Numerous measures are being taken under different programmes to set a new tone to the life of the downtrodden people who are left castigated from the main stream of the society and deprived of the fruits of development. KMC has already geared up development programme to rejuvenate and upgrade the infra-structure of education and health to encounter the basic needs for better prospect of life in future. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has been trying to put serious emphasis on issues related to socio-economic and educational development of the minorities.
In compliance with guidelines and proviso of MSDP Scheme, the construction of Ward Health Units, Malaria Clinic, DOTS Centre, Immunization Centre and sinking of tube-wells have been going on in uninterrupted manner to ensure congenial ambience. An adequate fund has already been allocated by the KMC for doing all the programmes in a smooth, sleek and synchronized way. The MSDP Scheme in minority areas of Kolkata is operational under the guidance of Corporation level Committee of Minority Affairs and further KMC has contemplated to strengthen the projects under MSDP.
The works undertaken for minority development are given below in a nutshell:-
a) Additional construction in 20 Urdu schools remains completed and that for 18 Units is in progress.
b) In regard to construction of Anganwadi Centre, 12 Units stand completed while the work of 40 Units is in progress.
c) Sinking of arsenic free tube-well has achieved a glaring success as cent percent work has already been completed.
d) 21 Units in regard to Ward Health Units has been completed and the work of remaining 6 Units is in progress.
e) In regard to Construction of Community toilets, it is to inform the House that the work of 10 Units has been completed the work of residual 86 Units is in progress.
f) For construction of 700ft. and 300ft. depth tube-well to have arsenic free water, 50% of the allocated fund amounting to 49.05 crore from GOI and State Government has been received by the KMC.
KMC has also planned to formulate a comprehensive policy for the development of the minorities in the line of Prime Minister`s 15 point agenda.
Proposals for Constructions of Housing under Gitanjali, BRGF schemes, Hostels for minorities, awarding pre-matric and post-matric Scholarship to students belong to minority communities, construction of Minority Bhawan are now under active consideration. To give a boost and to encourage the participation of minority students in games and sports, schemes are being devised. KMC also plans to distribute bi-cycles to Madrasah Girls.