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September 24, 2013

No guns, we want peace, we want food, we want work for all – Mamata Banerjee at Baghmundi, Purulia

No guns, we want peace, we want food, we want work for all – Mamata Banerjee at Baghmundi, Purulia
West Bengal Chief Minister addressed a public meeting at Baghmundi in Purulia during the second phase of her district tour, where she took a first hand report of the progress made in the various developmental projects.
Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:
“Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who have traveled from far and have assembled here to attend the meeting in this hot afternoon.
Secondly, thanking you all is not sufficient for the effort you have put in restoring peace in the region and allowing the government to continue developmental and welfare project work here. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve the interest of the poor people here, we will do more work for them in the future.
I want Ayodhya Hills to be a tourism hub, for this we have many initiatives planned like promoting cottage industry, handloom industry, promoting local or folk culture, providing shelters for people. All these will generate income for the local people.
A big power project is in place for this region where thousands of people will get employment opportunity.
I have taken first hand stock of the situation in the district, more buses and bus routes will be provided within a month. This will improve connectivity. Roads will be renovated. Roadway is the basic infrastructure need for development work to be carried out efficiently, so we will focus on the improvement of the roadway.
Adventure sports like trekking will be promoted so that income is generated.
Markets should be set up in the region where various items can be sold and poor people can generate income. 
No guns, drop all guns, we want peace, we want food, we want work for all and we will achieve it.
Rs.13 hundred crore is being invested for a water plant so that the drinking water problem in the district can be solved. New agricultural technologies and seeds are being introduced so that the farmers can yield more and earn more. 
Sports complex, mini sport stadium, many schools, 2 colleges, 1 engineer college etc. are coming up in the region for the children and the youth. Many junior schools have been up graded to high schools. ITI hubs are coming up. 
Purulia and Raghunathpur are getting multi specialty hospitals, 4 fair price medicine shops are being introduced and 8 mobile ambulances are already functional to address heath issues in villages and remote area.
We will look into the development and welfare of the teachers and folk artists. Everyone will have a job.“