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August 27, 2011

One Hundred Days of Poribartan – A gift for Ma, Mati, Manush

One Hundred Days of Poribartan – A gift for Ma, Mati, Manush

`amra onake poriborton r protik hisbe dekhchi, amra chai uni bangle r nono jagoron korun' (we see her as a symbol of change and sincerely want her to bring new awakening in Bengal), was the immediate reaction of Nabarun Chandra Deb Burman a middle aged man sitting in a typical Bengali `adda` in North Kolkata. Well, not just Burman alone but almost everybody had the same thing to say when asked how they felt and what was their reaction on the completion of 100-days of Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee in office. Today when the Maa, Mati, Manush government completes 100-days, her slogan before the elections saying ‘bodla noi, bodol chai’ (we don’t want revenge but change) seem to be working as a miracle since the attitude on many counts have even inspired the opposition to accept her charisma.     

Quite normal reaction indeed as the people of Bengal who had lived under the misrule of Left for 34-years decided to usher-in their full support and confidence in the Ms. Mamata Banerjee by electing her to power. Since then `didi’ as she is popularly called among the masses have worked tirelessly trying to keep her promise in bringing `parivartan` (change) in the state. Well, if we start looking at the changes after her assuming power then one will immediately realize the magnitude of work she has done within the stipulated time period. "We want her to stay for many many more years as her presence would simply help to improve the condition in Bengal, honestly, there was, is or will no substitute", said Kunal Mitra, businessman. Many though, often tend to criticize her over the issues which are pending but hardly they seem to realize that her initiative to bring change is an upheaval task.

Ms. Banerjee who believes in ‘charity begins at home’ did not hesitate to apply the rules on her before making it mandatory for her ministers and staff at the Writers’ Building. Her working 20 hours in a day and also doing away with the holidays on Saturdays is the best examples. After assuming power on May 13, 2011 she requested her ministers and staff council to shade off ego and acquire more human attitude towards the people.

Her surprise visits to various hospitals and government offices was another initiative that received immense applause among the masses as she made it clear to the doctors and officials employed in this places that come what may she will not tolerate any apathy towards the public. She initiated a meeting and gave strictures to the medical staffs that they will have to be punctual and treat the patients with a smile on the face. This in itself was a `parivartan` in itself as none ever even took rounds of the hospitals lest think of the ordeal they face at the hands of irate hospital staffs.

Apart from the political front she has initiated many initiatives in the field of art and culture. Some of the initiatives – playing of Rabindra Sangeet at the traffic signals and her request to the people of Bengal to walk ahead taking inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam itself signifies many folds of her personality apart from being an able politician. Eminent artist Samir Aich said, `We were compelled to support the Trinamool Congress as the Left rule gave us nothing but misrule, I would certainly like to see Mamata Banerjee as future prime minister.     

 If we look at other aspects too, we can see that change is fast taking place in every sphere signifying the new awakening in Bengal from industry to education and health to bureaucracy. There are many more plans and policies in the coming 100-days as discussed in the book released after the completion of 90-days in government. Lets all wait for a new `Poschimbongo` to emerge and make its presence felt as a strong state under the able leadership of Ms. Mamata Banerjee.