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August 29, 2011

Minister of Industries and IT, Mr. Partha Chatterjee interacts with the Bengalee Association of Bangalore

Minister of Industries and IT, Mr. Partha Chatterjee interacts with the Bengalee Association of Bangalore

The respected minister arrived at the Association premises at

Asseye Road

(near Ulsoor lake), Bangalore at 7.45 PM. He first took a short tour of the photo exhibition in one of the two halls at the Association on Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore created by the Association a few months ago to celebrate and commemorate Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary.

Sri Chatterjee was very appreciative of the excellent collections of rare pictures and other visuals exhibited at the exhibition. In a television interview on the spot he mentioned that he was overwhelmed by the efforts of the Bengalee Association, who have not just maintained the socio cultural activity of Bengal but also presented Tagore to the Bangaloreans in such an elaborate and relevant manner. He thanked the Association members for this effort.

The Association’s Board of Trustee Chairman Sri Subroto Halder presented Sri Chatterjee a Bengalee desk calendar with the rare pictures on the life of Tagore. The Minister was very happy, he mentioned that in his knowledge no one else has made such Mimister said that the calendar will be presented to the Hon`ble Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee as a token of love from the Bengalees of Bangalore.

In his address to the Bengalees of Bangalore, Hon’ble Minister Mr. Chatterjee thanked the Association to invite him and for giving the opportunity to speak. He conveyed the Chief Minister Smt Banerjee’s best wishes. 

He mentioned that his meetings, discussions and visits to several information technology companies like Infosys, Wipro and ITC Infotech during the day was very fruitful and he expects large investments and presence from this companies in WB in the near future. He also mentioned that he has promised these companies that the government of WB will create the most congenial framework and atmosphere for the industries to set up shops in the state and also to thrive. He also mentioned that the government has decided to set up 4 garments hubs in the state to promote garment exports and create jobs.

The Minister also mentioned that the present government is very much aware of the ill effects of the Bandh politics on the state and assured that it will take strong measures to stop Bandh. He also said that the government will not support Bandh.   

In his appeal he strongly urged that Bengalees who have left Bengal disillusioned, must come back. He promised that the state will create job and career opportunities equal to or better than Bangalore. He urged that it is the intellect of the Bengalees that had fled the state for many years must come back. In a way he mentioned that the government is serious to create job opportunities so that the process of ‘reverse brain-drain’ starts. He also invited entrepreneurs in Bangalore to set up industries in WB and promised all help.

Sri Chatterjee also urged that his government, and the Chief Minister personally, are working relentlessly to improve education system, vocational training, spoken English training to make the youths of the State more employable. For many years English was ignored in the State and that has made Bengalees in WB less employable.

In his concluding remarks, he once again thanked Bengalee Association and the Bengalees of Bangalore for giving him the opportunity to narrate the road map for the development of the State.


Reportage by Dilip Maitra, President, Bengalee Association, Bangalore