Rajya Sabha

September 6, 2013

Derek O’Brien seeks clarification on NSAB report

Sir, for the last 15 years, since the Trinamool Congress came into inception, we have always stood firmly by whichever Government has been at the Centre when it comes to issues of national security. And, we want to reiterate that today as well. There are only four States in India that share their borders with three countries. Bengal is one of those States. As we all know, India shares its borders with seven countries. We appreciate that in the Statement the Defence Minister has, perhaps, disclosed what he is in a position to disclose and, for reasons that we understand and appreciate, may not have disclosed everything that does not need to be disclosed. But, at the same time, unlike the LoC, the China’s view on the LAC – this is one point on which I want to seek clarification – is one dotted line and India’s view on that same LAC is another dotted line. The dotted lines are not the same. The clarification that I would like to seek is this. All this report, which was submitted, was the journey — where the gentlemen, Mr. Saran, went – closer to our dotted line or was it closer to China’s interpretation of their dotted line? Secondly, you could either clarify or put to rest. There are, at least, two pieces of twenty-one minute video footage which is extremely disturbing and which is running on a few channels of the national media. It is disturbing and it is still very speculative because neither the Government has confirmed this nor has it denied that this footage exists. If you could clarify this, it would put many minds to rest.

Thank You Sir.