Rajya Sabha

September 6, 2013

Derek O’Brien on Darjeeling issue

Sir, there are two things here. One is, we urge the Government of India, please do not do politics with this. The situation is very sensitive. I want to bring just two points to his notice. The timing of that meeting was insensitive. The Chief Minister of Bengal has visited Darjeeling 21 times since she came to power in the last two-and-a-half years. Before that, the former Chief Minister of Bengal had visited Darjeeling zero times in ten years. Please have faith in the State Government. The State Government will resolve this and please do not play this divide and rule. We do not want to make issue on this now because you have said in the morning also that the Home Minister is unwell, but please, we urge you again, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong are three Assembly segments out of 294 in Bengal. It is a sensitive situation. The State Government in Bengal has this under control. So, please check cautiously if you have given us the assurance that henceforth this will not happen. The second and the last point is, a written assurance was given by the Prime Minister of India to the Chief Minister of Bengal in August. This written assurance was not adhered to because of the September 3 meeting.