Bengal planning to set up a Legal Hub in New Town

The West Bengal Government may soon work on the idea of bringing the West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC), consumer court, land reforms tribunal and other similar forums under one roof.

The building, which is to house these forums, would likely come up at New Town and would be designed on the lines of the Rolls Building in London.

The Rolls Building houses England’s Royal Court of Justice. The building was commissioned in 2011 to decongest the High Court of London. Bengal officials carried out an extensive tour of the premises and visited the offices of law firms, commercial courts, consultation rooms, court staff office and court rooms.

There’s provision for inter room video conferences and remote videos for witnesses as well. All court proceedings are audio recorded and archived with real-time annotations (on those who spoke or deposed). The proposed building would be located in the central business district of New Town and would have the same facilities as the Rolls Building.

Forums like the human rights commission, consumer court and land reforms tribunal, among others, are currently housed at different places. It is being planned to bring all these forums under one roof.

The security system of the new building would also be on the lines of the Rolls Building.

The new building would be equipped with security screening facility, including X-rays, DFMDs and counters to file documents and pay fees. The New Town Financial and Legal Hub will be fashioned on the London model.