India’s first fish hospital to come up in Kolkata

A fish hospital — the first of its kind in the country — will become operational in Kolkata in two-three months. The hospital, with facilities to diagnose and treat ailments in fish commercially bred in the state, will help farmers increase their produce.

The building has already been constructed and electrical work is in progress. The aim of the hospital will be to find out what ailments the fish bred in the state suffer from and help farmers increase the yield. The hospital is coming up at Panchasayar’s Chakgaria in Kolkata.

The facility comprises 50 glass aquariums and 25 circular water tanks to house the fish. The hospital will first diagnose and treat fish that are bred by farmers. At a later stage, efforts may be made to find out ailments that wild fish, caught along Bengal’s coast, suffer from.

Farmers can approach the hospital whenever they suspect a problem with their fish. They can report abnormalities like change in colour or size. They can even bring in samples for diagnosis and treatment.