Vivek Gupta makes a Zero Hour mention on the desecration of a Sikh gurdwara in USA

Sir, through I want to bring to the House a very urgent matter. Sir, an incident occurred last week where a 34-year-old man broke into a gurdwara in Spokane in Washington state in America. Sir, the person committed a crime, desecrating a sacred gurdwara. Sir, he posed as a naked man and vandalised it. sir, such incidents are happening within our country also. The Sikhs have been a pillar of our Indian Democracy and have made a tremendous contribution to the freedom struggle of our country, and also contributed throughout these years.

Sir, through you I want to urge the Government to take urgent action. The Minister of External Affairs should get this matter properly investigated and give some comment. This should be condemned and action of the highest order should be taken. Thank you, Sir.