Sultan Ahmed asks a Supplementary Question on the death of CRPF jawans in red zones


Madam, dhanyavad. CRPF, CISF, inke hathya hoti hai atankvadiyon ke haathon. Sarkar protective measures ka ailan kiya hai lekin is mein kami nahin aa rahi hai. Sarkar ne kya soch rahi hai iske bare mein un logo se baat kiya hain? Red zone ke bare mein kya sujhaav hai sarkar ke paas? Aajkal toh Sarkar NE States mein bhi baat kar rahi hain separatists se. Koi sujhaav sarkar ke paas hai ke unse baat karke unko main stream mein lane jaye. Rajnath Jo agar is mein hastakshep kare toh accha hain.

Sultan Ahmed speaks in LS during Question Hour regarding Startup India programme

In reply to my question, the hon. Minister has stated that for Startup, she is providing funding support through a Fund of Funds with a corpus of Rs. 10,000 crore. In our country, a lot of scams has come up and now, Mallya gate scam is going on. We have seen 2G; we have seen SATYAM; and we have seen mining scam also. In the Budget speech, the hon. Finance Minister has said that Startup will generate employment, bring innovation, and are expected to be the key partners in ‘Make in India’ programme. The shining of ‘Make in India’ programme is also coming down. There is no shine at all.

The hon. Finance Minister in his Budget allocated only Rs. 1,100 crore for Start up and Standup. In your reply, you have stated that you are providing funding and support through the Fund of Funds with a corpus of Rs.10,000 crore. We have seen in the past Beti Bachao Programme. The Government has allotted only Rs.100 crore. But this year, no fund has been allocated at all.

The Government has given only three years moratorium. There will not be any taxation. But this type of business or Startups will take a minimum of five to seven years to stand on their own feet. How would the Government save those investors who would invest in Startup programme? They would lose money from the investors, angel investors, bankers and financial institutions. What is the thinking of the Government in providing protection to them?

Trinamool raises several issues of importance in Parliament

Trinamool has always maintained that the Parliament is a place to debate, discuss and legislate. Playing the role of a responsible Opposition, the party participated in several legislative businesses and discussions of public importance.

The day began for Trinamool with Serampore MP Kalyan Banerjee extending support to the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in Lok Sabha. While underlining the important role played by Mamata Banerjee during the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh, he also demanded that the government must release the funds promised to the State for rehabilitation of those who are moving to India.

“When we are thinking that they should be the voter of our country, they should cast their vote, at the same time we should also expect that they should have a dignified life in our country which is protected under Article 21 of our Constitution,” he added.

Full Transcript of his speech

Kalyan Banerjee was joined by Uluberia MP Sultan Ahmed who questioned the Communists on what they did for solving the boundary issue when they were in power for forty years in Bengal.

In the Rajya Sabha, during a Calling Attention Motion, Nadimul Haque posed several questions to the Union Home Minister regarding the administrative control of Delhi Police and worsening law and order situation in the National Capital.

“Since Delhi Police works under the Central Bureaucracy, it has no accountability to the people of Delhi, so what steps are being taken to increase and set the direct accountability of Delhi Police to the people of Delhi? And if no steps are being taken to increase the administrative control of Delhi Government over Delhi Police, does it not violate the concept of ‘co-operative federalism’ of the Centre,” he asked.

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During a discussion on the current situation in India universities, specially JNU and University of Hyderabad, Sukhendu Sekhar Roy questioned the jingoism prevalent in the country and batted for patriotism.

He called for a relook at Section 124 (A) of IPC dealing with sedition and called for ending its misuse. “Ultra nationalism, under no circumstances, is not accepted. Ultra-Leftism is also rejected by people,” he said. “The cruelty inflicted on Rohith must not be repeated. All culprits responsible must be brought to book,” the veteran Parliamentarian added.

Full transcript of his speech coming soon

Sultan Ahmed speaks on Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in Lok Sabha

Mananiya Sangsad ne kaha ke 6 mahine ho gaye. Lekin ascharya hoga Deputy Chairman Sir, inki party Bengal mein 40 saal satte mein rahi. Yeh samasya 1950 se rahi hai. Lekin yeh aaj chunauti de rahe hain 6 mahina rajya sarkar ne lagaya. 40 saal inhone kya kiya?

Itna bara ilaka desh ka Bangladesh ke paas tha. Jo subidhayein waha ke logon ko milni chahiye thi woh nahi mili. Wahan ke kisan bhukhmari se mar rahe the. Unke paas rehne ka makaan nahi tha. Yeh log 40 saal satte mein rahe aur kuchh nahi kiya. Yeh batayein 40 saal tak in logon ne kya kiya, apne logon ke liye kya kiya?

Workers of leading PSUs are now suffering from hunger & poverty: Trinamool in LS

Trinamool MP, Sultan Ahmed today raised a Question in Lok Sabha on whether the Government has any action plan to revive Sick PSUs in India.

He said, “In the Country there are about 65 Public Sector Undertakings out of which 11 are in West Bengal. Few of the established companies were, Tyre Corporation, National Jute Manufacturing, Hindustan Cable, Burn Standard.

At one point of time they were leading PSUs of the Country. But now, thousands of their workers are living in hunger and poverty.”

He asked the Government that, just as the they have introduced transparency and honesty in coal auction and also introduced FDI in the Country, if they have similar plans to introduce such provisions to revive the Sick PSU units.

“Money is being spent each year, but there is no outcome” added Sultan Ahmed in Lok Sabha.

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Sultan Ahmed raises Question on Revival of Sick PSUs

Sawal hai sick PSU. Deshbhar me 65 Public Sector Undertakings me 11 Bengal me ateh hai – Tyre Corporation, National Jute Manufacturing, Hindustan Cable, Burn Standard.

Desh ke awal PSUs me inka shumar kisi jamane me hota tha. Lekin aaj unke hazaro hazar workers bhukmari me unke din guzar rahe hai.

Is sarkar ne bahut hi swatchata and inamdari sath jo coal auction wagera ka kaam shuru kiya hai, kya is tarah ka parikalpana hai ane wale dino me yeh PSUs ko bhi auction ke zariye ho, yea FDI lakar ho – Foreign Direct Investment lakar ho inko revive karne hai kyuki yeh dekha ja raha hai hazaro hazar crore rupaiya salana kharch hote hai, tankhaye di jati hai, lekin kam kuch nehi ho rahe hai.

Kya sarkar ne koi parikalpana banaya hai, mai maniye mantri se puchna chahata hu.


Translation :

I would like raise a Question on Revival of Sick PSUs. In the Country there are about 65 public sector undertakings out of which 11 are in Bengal – Tyre Corporation, National Jute Manufacturing, Hindustan Cable, Burn Standard. At one point of time they were leading PSUs of the Country. But now, thousands of their workers are living in hunger and poverty.

This Government with a lot of transparency and honesty has undertaken projects like coal auction etc. Does it have any such plans in the near future to auction these PSUs or bring in FDI to revive these industries, as thousands of rupees are spent, but there is no outcome.

I would like to question the Minister what is the Government’s plan on this?

Sultan Ahmed raises the issue of vacant posts of school teachers across India | Transcript

Desh ka siksha bivag phichle saat mahine se mustarif controversy ka shikar hua hai. Kabhi Sanskrit ko le karke, German ko le karke, X-mas ke chhutti ko band karke… lekin jo asal mudda hai desh me – takriban 6 lakh primary teachers ki jagah khali hai. Desh me school ki jo halat hai, swachh bharat abhijan kar rahe hai school me, toilet ki baath kar rahe hai lekin agar school me sikshak na rahe, toh school chalega kaise? Aaj bhi chahe who Gujarat ho, Bangal ho, Uttar Pradesh ho – school me bachche jate hai, teachers nehi hote hai woh wapis aa jate hai.

Mid-day meal ka haal wohi hai. Toh 6 lakh primary teachers aur 3.5 lakhs upper primary teachers – mai yahaan sadan me, mai kahunga ki Government of India ek time-frame banaye, kyunki 6 lakh aur 3.5 lakh teachers ki bagair school nahi chal sakta.

Jis tarah hum abhiyan manate hai muftalif nam se, yeh bhi time frame banakar jin schoolon mein toilet nahi hai, sauchalay nahi hai, yeh toh apne plan kiya hai, lekin bagair teacher ke, sikshak ke school nahi chal sakta hai. Right to Education 2010 me lagu ho chuka hai, lekin yeh sirf naam ka hai, is par kaam nahi ho raha hai. Dhanyabad.