Workers of leading PSUs are now suffering from hunger & poverty: Trinamool in LS

Trinamool MP, Sultan Ahmed today raised a Question in Lok Sabha on whether the Government has any action plan to revive Sick PSUs in India.

He said, “In the Country there are about 65 Public Sector Undertakings out of which 11 are in West Bengal. Few of the established companies were, Tyre Corporation, National Jute Manufacturing, Hindustan Cable, Burn Standard.

At one point of time they were leading PSUs of the Country. But now, thousands of their workers are living in hunger and poverty.”

He asked the Government that, just as the they have introduced transparency and honesty in coal auction and also introduced FDI in the Country, if they have similar plans to introduce such provisions to revive the Sick PSU units.

“Money is being spent each year, but there is no outcome” added Sultan Ahmed in Lok Sabha.

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