State Govt giving Rs 8,000 cr loan to farmers

The State Cooperation Department is giving a total of Rs 8,000 crore as loan to farmers. This was announced by the State Cooperation Minister at a Government function in Bardhaman district recently.

He said that last year the amount loaned out was Rs 1,200 crore. Therefore, there will be a massive 45 per cent increase.

The State Cooperation Department has given a lot of help to farmers over the last few years, from giving loans to farmers to opening new cooperative banks to extend banking services to the far corners of the State through customer service points (CSP).

The minister mentioned that the 2,631 CSPs opened in the last two years by the State Government enabled basic banking services to be extended to rural regions.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been requesting the Centre for a long time for banking services for the rural population of Bangla, but many areas are still bereft of such services. Hence, it has been mainly her active effort that has enabled the opening of so many CSPs.


Source: Bartaman