Kalyan Banerjee speaks on setting up a Central school in Serampore parliamentary constituency 


Honourable Speaker Sir, I am raising an important issue, regarding the setting up of Central school in Serampore parliamentary constituency. It is about an hour’s distance from Kolkata but unfortunately there is not a single Central school in my constituency and some of the most educated people stay in Serampore and Uttarpara. Initially the Dutch landed in Serampore for the purpose of commerce and trade. After the Dutch, the  French came to Chandannagar, and long after that, the East India Company landed in Kolkata. Therefore Serampore is the oldest town, not only in the state of West Bengal but in the entire country itself.

Therefore, through you, Sir, I make a request that we really need a Central school, otherwise we have to send our kids either to Barrackpore or Tarakeswar or Santragachi, which are at long distances from my constituency. That is a request I’m making. Thank you, Sir.