Massive clean-up launched post-July 21 rally

Immediately after Trinamool’s Ekushe July rally yesterday at Esplanade ended, workers of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), assisted by workers appointed through the 100 Days’ Work Scheme, launched a massive clean-up operation, both at the site and the adjoining places where crowds had gathered to listen. The mayor was in charge of the operation.

The clean-up at the venue was over in just 45 minutes. To make it quicker, cleaners at Chittaranjan Avenue, Lenin Sarani, SN Banerjee Road, Bentinck Street and their adjoining lanes started their work just as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s speech ended. At the venue, the operation began after the crowds left.

About 200 workers of the Solid Waste Management Department were on hand with brooms and buckets. On hand too were two mechanical sweepers, 12 movable compactors, 45 auto dippers and 12 big garbage trucks. Helping clean up all the garbage were 150 workers employed under the 100 Days’ Work Scheme to.

The party had already made people aware of the necessity of not throwing garbage anywhere and everywhere. So, for example, thermocol plates were dumped at specific sites. For this reason, the cleaning up was easier.

After cleaning up the main sites, KMC officers led parties of workers to various places across Kolkata, along which workers went in processions or gathered, and where food had been cooked for the rally attendees. By the evening, every place where people had gathered had been made free of garbage.

It may be mentioned that Trinamool Congress has always ensured that meeting grounds are cleaned up and restored to the original state immediately after rallies, be it July 21 rallies or Brigade Parade Ground rallies or at any other places.