D Bandyopadhyay makes Special Mention on Kolkata Safe City project | Transcript

Full transcript:

In 2013, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs launched an ambitious Safe City Project for several metros including Kolkata to provide world-class policing, by replicating the models from New York, Washington and Boston. These state-of-the-art fusion centres were to collect, analyze and disseminate various data inputs that have a bearing on safety and security, as per the MHA proposal.

On ground, the technological components were to include a massive CCTV surveillance, and integrate the dial 100 system from the simple police respond room to one where all other essentials – like fire and health departments – get integrated. The Centre had decided to release Rs 432.90 crore in 2013-14, under the non-plan account, making Kolkata eligible for around Rs 72 crore in the next two fiscal years. The Centre had also proposed 60:40 ratio in the sharing of finances.

Now we are hearing a lot of buzz around SMART policing. The process of modernization of the police forces sadly remains on paper and the Government has delinked the modernisation of Police Forces Scheme in the Union Budget 2015-16.

I would urge the Central Government through you Sir, to expedite the implementation of this project. I also demand that the Central Government inform the House the current status of the project in Kolkata as well as other metros.